New Products on the Market from Stud Welding Leaders

Nelson Studwelding and Taylor Stud Welding Systems have introduced some great new products onto the market.

Below are a couple of the options available for different applications:

 Nelson NCD+ 1600

CD capacitor discharge stud welding power supply for arc welding with and without tip ignition.

Ideal for welding steel studs M3-M8, brass M3-M8 and aluminium M3-M6.


  • Ultra portable, thanks to it’s light weight and compact dimensions.
  • Power saving, 40% lower power consumption compared with conventional welding units.
  • Colour LCD, straight forward graphical interface for operation and maintenance.
  • Stud holder protection, a three-point mount prevents unintentional damage.
  • Stud Expert, Preset weld parameters with a database based on material and thread size.
  • Adjustable columns, straight forward adaptation to different stud lengths.
  • Integrated process control, display of weld current, weld time, arc voltage and weld power.

Click here for specifications and full details.

Taylor CNC Stud Welding Systems

Some of the benefits:

  • Fast and highly economical.
  • Easy programming and quick change facilities.
  • Ideal for long and short production runs.
  • Maximum welding rate of up to 60 studs per minute.
  • Accuracy level better than +/-0.15mm.

Machine features:

  • Systems available up to 4 axis.
  • Weld areas up to 3000 x 2000mm.
  • Rigid open aluminium frame with “T” slot profile bed.
  • Fitted with linear encoders to give high positional accuracy (servo systems only).
  • Available with either PC or PLC control and heavy duty servo or stepper motors

Click here for specifications and full details.

We have a range of stud welding machines in stock for both CD/capacitor discharge and DA/drawn arc applications, click here to see what’s currently available. Or alternatively if you have stud welding machines you are looking to sell, we want to hear from you!
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