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New, Used and Refurbished BOC welders, profile cutting machines and accessories

For many years the BOC brand included great welding and cutting Products.  Purchased by various companies, the only BOC machine we supply are the older robust machines still going strong.
Profile machinery, models such as the Ketrel, Falcon or Minigraph we still supply, along with all the associated spares.  
So if you are looking to refurbish or up-date your BOC equipment, then we can help.


Follow the link here for BOC welding machines and equipment in stock.  Always known as a top quality, reliable brand built to last.

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The 120 years History of BOC welding and cutting equipment

Brin's Oxygen Company, Ltd. was formed in 1886 by Arthur and Leon Brin. In the early days they manufactured oxygen using a high temperature barium oxide process developed from work by French scientist Jean Baptiste Boussingault.
The main application for gaseous oxygen at this time was in connection with the limelight light sources used in magic lanterns and theatre lighting. A major new market emerged around 1903 with the development of the oxyacetylene welding process. Around the same time, new cryogenic air separation processes based on work by Carl von Linde and others replaced the barium oxide process, paving the way for larger scale and more efficient production. The company became the British Oxygen Company in 1906 and grew nationally and internationally through the following decades. In 1975 the company officially became BOC International Ltd, reflecting its success in developing business outside of Britain, and in products beyond oxygen.
In June 1999 following rumours of merger discussions between Praxair and BOC, Air Products and Chemicals Inc and L'Air Liquide S.A. made a series of cash offers to acquire BOC.
The German industrial group Linde completed a take-over of the Company on 5 September 2006.
Murex was founded in 1909 as an iron founder and ferroalloy manufacturer. The company moved to Rainham in Essex in 1917.
In the 1930s Murex made large quantities of electrodes at their factory at Waltham Cross and many ships including HMS Ark Royal and Queen Elizabeth 2 were welded using Murex equipment. The company's business was sustained by a high level of activity during World War II but when the war ended its profits showed a substantial reduction.
Murex was acquired by BOC Group in 1967. In the UK the rights to the Murex brand were sold to ESAB.
The manufacturing industry is both dynamic and changing in today's economic climate.
The challenges facing many within the manufacturing industry consist of cost-saving initiatives, value-adding projects and innovation in applications across fabrication, repair and maintenance.
Utilising a dedicated technical and field-based team, BOC aims to bring manufacturing excellence across a range of market sectors, continually look to improve their expertise and knowledge, bringing complete solutions to a range of customer needs and requirements.

Aerospace and Defence
BOC work closely with defence agencies and aerospace manufacturers to create tailored services built around the customers' strategic needs. Their extensive range of products, equipment and services, coupled with our global presence, provide military and aerospace customers with cost-effective solutions for the following applications:
  • welding and cutting gases and mixtures, equipment and consumables for arc, plasma, electric and spot welding for defence engineering projects
  • laser gases for cutting, welding, marking and scribing parts
  • heat treatment. Enabling aerospace component manufacturers to achieve the desired microstructure, physical properties and surface properties
  • instrument calibration. Scientific mixtures and high-purity gases for instrument calibration
  • semiconductor applications. Bulk or on-site gases for inerting, soldering and stress testing
  • Environmental testing
  • Stress screening



Offshore Wind Energy
Performance standards for wind turbine components, particularly those operating offshore, confront manufacturers with tough challenges. BOC offers a number of products and applications that are up to these challenges. Offshore wind turbines are often situated in some of the roughest and most inhospitable seas, and have to be able to withstand enormous loads from huge waves and mighty swells. High quality steel and the most up to date production methods are necessary and, in this context, welding becomes particularly important as the huge steel towers and support stilts that the turbines are composed of are manufactured from several individual steel segments.
Performance standards for wind turbine components, particularly those operating offshore, confront manufacturers with tough challenges. BOC offers a number of products and applications that are up to these challenges; helping customers to cost-effectively achieve greater productivity and increased component quality/performance.
Welding Process
In order to weld segments of wind turbine towers – high strength steel plates which are up to 4 m wide and 12 cm thick – it is necessary to pre-heat then post-heat the segments. This is to remove the risk of hydrogen cracking, as stipulated in BS EN 1011-2:2001. To avoid production bottlenecks this process must be done rapidly, which is where BOC’s pioneering acetylene burners come in - heating up the steel twice as fast as conventional methods. Burners are made to suit each customer’s needs: some are designed for so-called longitudinal welds, and some for circular steel segments (circumferential welds), with a diameter of up to 7 m. They can be fully automated.
BOC's development of new flame straightening applications directly aids the UK shipbuilding industry.
Weld distortion – the problem
The defence sector, combined with vessel refurbishment and repair, make up the vast majority of the UK's shipbuilding industry.
The government's investment in CVF carriers has led to a dramatic increase in activity for the industry; however, weld distortion continues to be a problem for shipbuilders, resulting in time and cost associated with rework.
Development of new applications in flame straightening which can significantly reduce the effects of weld distortion, combining this with new welding processes can help deliver the efficiency to keep customers competitive in this global market.
  • flame straightening
  • welding
  • heat treatment
  • laser cutting
From small repair shops to the world's largest automotive manufacturers, we work with the automotive industry to achieve high quality, high productivity and lower costs.
The extensive range of products, equipment, services and solutions offers the automotive clients all they need for their various applications, including:
  • heat treatment. Our expertise in heat treatment enables automotive component manufacturers to achieve the desired microstructure, physical properties and surface properties with high furnace productivity welding and cutting. To enable high weld quality, low defect rates and high productivity instrument calibration for emissions testing
We can supply fabricators (from small auto-repair shops to the world's leading automotive manufacturers) with a range of BOC welding and cutting products and services, including:
  • gases (oxygen, helium, argon, shielding gas mixtures and refrigerants for air conditioning)
  • welding machines, torches, regulators
  • welding electrodes, fillers, wires
Metal Fabrication
The metal fabrication industry involves the construction and building of machines, piping systems, steel bridges, pressure vessels, ships, containers, transportation systems, trucks and cars, to name but a few.

Fabrication methods
In many modern fabrication steps, both traditional and new cutting, welding and coating processes are used. Laser cutting can now be seen as a standard method in many fabrication industries.
Several repair and maintenance methods are also used in the after-sales market. Some of these are crucial for low shutdown times, for example in nuclear power plants and pulp and paper plants.
Without today's modern processes it would be impossible to build constructions such as super tankers in an economic way and within a reasonable time.
In the modern processes different types of industrial gases such as welding gases play an important role in the final result in terms of productivity and quality.
Metal fabrication involves many processes which rely on industrial gases.
Cutting methods
Various cutting methods are used to separate metal and some of these consume gas.
The welding and brazing techniques used to join materials also use gases.
Thermal spraying relies on gas to produce almost any coated surface finish.
The use of gas proves an extremely effective method of controlled cooling during the production process.
  • Welding
  • Cutting
  • Coating
  • Heating
  • Cooling
Rail Industry
Ever-increasing passenger numbers are leading to major investment in network expansion, capacity increase and high speed rail
BOC gases are used in many commercial and private industry sectors, across a range of diverse applications.
BOC continue to invest in meeting the needs of all industrial gas users, whether you are a professional tradesman or the operator of a large industrial manufacturing and processing plant.
Our commitment is reflected in our wide range of industrial gas products, cylinder options and solutions.
  • Inert gases include carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen-free nitrogen (N2), Pureshield Argon (Ar).
  • Fuel gases include dissolved acetylene (C2H2), hydrogen (H2), propane (C3H8), Powerjet propylene(C3H6).
  • Oxidant gases include compressed air and oxygen (O2
  • Shielding gases include Alushield, Argoshield and Stainshield
  • Lasers provide an intense energy source which is ideally suited to a wide range of fabrication processes such as cutting, welding, drilling and marking metal and other materials. Laser gases play a fundamental role in the operation of a laser.

Gas Equipment

BOC gas equipment range has been designed for optimum performance, extra safety and consistent reliability.
Manufactured to the highest standards, the range includes single and multi-stage regulators, cutting torches, flashback arrestors, complete gas and welding outfits and a broad selection of accessories and options.
Product range
When you invest in BOC gas equipment you are making an investment in your future. As well as getting premium products to help you do your job better, you gain peace of mind.
All BOC gas regulators, torches, torch shanks and cutting attachments come with an exclusive five year conditional warranty.
Product range includes:
  • cutting torches
  • cutting attachments
  • mixers
  • nozzles
  • regulators
  • flashback arrestors
  • gas hoses and fittings
  • gas control manifold systems
  • LPG equipment
  • gas and welding accessories
  • cylinder trolleys
  • cylinder cages
  • rail specific welding equipment
Arc Equipment
Whether you work with MIG/MAG welding machines, TIG/MMA welders or plasma machines, New, Used and Refurbished BOC equipment offers a unique and extensive range of arc welding.
From next-generation BOC-manufactured MIG welders with advanced capabilities and superior functionality to lightweight and portable plasma cutting systems, BOC gives you unprecedented choice and quality.
With a full complement of accessories, spares and welding consumables, the professional welder has everything to hand from a single and trusted supplier.
Product Range



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