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Welding Fumes Extracted by Used Kemper Equipment

KEMPER was founded in Vreden, Germany in 1977 and is a pioneer and a leader in technology in the field of welding smoke extraction.

That means over 40 years of experience in plant construction for these products, a deep knowledge of the processes in metalworking plants and a high degree of reliability and continuity. To current product range click here

Today, KEMPER is a successful family business. Neither its growth nor its international focus have changed this important aspect of its identity.
KEMPER doesn't fall behind. The innovations in filter devices and extraction equipment are geared to the needs of customers and regularly exceed the specified legal requirements. This results in absolute legal certainty for occupational safety and environmental requirements for users.

1977 - Gerd Kemper founded KEMPER GmbH
The danger of the eyes suffering from conjunctivitis during welding is well known. However, welding fumes were not considered harmful to health. At that time, no one was yet considering statutory limit values, just as no one was considering effective extraction technology.
In Sweden, Gerd Kemper discovered his first extraction units after his business vocational training period at a company with a technical background. There, the hazards caused by welding fumes were actually known - even if this was rudimentary compared with today's knowledge.
Gerd Kemper brought this knowledge back to Germany. In the garage at his home, he constructed the first spot extraction system in the German-speaking countries - a filter unit which collected and extracted the welding fumes directly where they were created.
To this day this principle of welding fume extraction is being recommended by the employers liability insurance associations.  The company is still considered to be a pioneer in welding fume extraction.

1983 - First production building in Vreden

Thanks to the success of the company products, KEMPER grew in both contract volume and number of employees - the company had 10 employees by as early as 1979. The capacities were too small at the old location.
Six years after its founding, KEMPER expanded to a major extent for the first time. The manufacturer invested in a new location.
The company set up its first production building covering 3600 square metres.
This provided more space for an extended range. In addition to welding fume extraction, KEMPER started producing extraction solutions for cutting applications using thermal cutting tables.


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