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Used A&N Positioning Machinery for Sale

A & N Plant, British manufacturers of Automated Positioning Equipment for the Welding and Fabrication industry.

The company no longer trades as A&N Plant, but as the Welding Rotators and Heavy Duty Positioners were built in England, the machinery is still very much in production today in many fabrication shops around the world.

We Buy and Sell A&N positional equipment.  Please offer us your equipment to buy.

A&N Plant a manufacturer of Welding Positioners, Rotators, Pipe Rollers- Conventional, Column and Boom Manipulators, Turntables, SAR Rotators - Self Aligning

The Rotating, Positioning, and Automated Welding equipment systems are supplied to the Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Environmental, Industrial Plant and Steel Fabrication industries. 

Established in 1985, the Company achieved sales throughout 30 different countries, 








A&N Heavy Duty Welding Positioning Equipment for sale or hire in a Used or Refurbished condition

Welding Positioners allow pieces of metal to be rotated easily, making for better welding work and increased efficiency. Welding work pieces that are too large or awkward can be quite difficult without the aid of a welding positioner, which also reduces the time and effort required by the welder while working. When welding is being carried out on a pipe, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Some of these are vitally important, and if done correctly can affect the entirety of the weld.

Pipe welding can be quite complex work that requires a lot of skill, but Welding Rotators make that work much easier. When pipe welding is done by hand, the welder must move around the pipe slowly as they carry out the work. Without a pipe rotator, this is difficult and necessary work in order to get the correct weld. 


This video shows the typical high standard of a British engineered Positioner made by A&N. 

Built to last.
With new electrical controls, foot pedal or pendant controls added bringing it up to EU standards



Sell your A&N Positioner or Welding Rotators.  We want to buy more A&N equipment
Complete our Wanted Form with details of any used A&N equipment you have surplus and for sale

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