Abbott Pressure Vessels Enhanced

Henry Price, Managing Director of Nottinghamshire-based Abbott & Co. (Newark) Ltd., is clear about the value of the refurbished welding and machining equipment available from Westermans International.

“Our work with Westermans International enables us to integrate new technology into the manufacture of our full range of pressure vessels in a very cost effective way – enhancing the performance and value of our service to customers.”

Henry Price, Abbott & Co (Newark) Ltd

Abbott & Co, which can trace its origins back to 1836, has worked closely with Westermans International since the Leicester-based company started offering refurbished equipment in the early 1960’s. Throughout this time, the organisation has grown its range of pressure vessels – including air receivers and surge vessels alongside other equipment such as heat exchangers – and prides itself on its British-made heritage, the quality of each unit and its ability to match solutions to exact customer needs.

“Importantly, Westermans is able to supply equipment that is central to our range of manufacturing processes and which not only fulfils specific operational needs, but does so at a fraction of the cost of new equipment,” continues Henry Price. “This means that we can continuously look to utilise advanced technology while maintaining a level of service and competitiveness that is at the heart of our success.”

Henry Price highlights two specific examples of equipment at Abbott & Co’s premises as good examples of these points in practice. The company operates an Esprit H2500 CNC plasma cutter which enables the efficient cutting out of pressure vessel shells to meet the varying design codes specified by customers. The company also operates a boom circle cutter system to create holes in pressure vessels that meet the requirements of a range of key industry standards including EN13445, PD5500 and ASME design codes.

At the same time, he highlights other purchases including a horizontal band saw and manipulator that have all helped Abbott & Co to expand both its capabilities and capacities – and all of which, he says, have been underscored by excellent service and support from Westermans.

Having built our own success on sourcing, refurbishing and supplying equipment that ranges from welding systems to a long list of associated units such as cutting and positioning stations our worldwide contacts underpin our ability to procure proven, good quality equipment – which typically becomes available as organisations look to expand or enhance their own capabilities. Once refurbished, we either supply immediately to meet a particular customer’s bespoke specification or place into stock to accommodate future demand, carrying out the refurbishment once ordered. With over 400 units available for immediate delivery both throughout the UK and overseas – this is key to our business.

Abbott & Co is an excellent example of a customer that is not only gaining from our services and approach but which also benefits from the building of a long term, trusted relationship that can meet its ongoing requirements over time.

We are delighted to be able to contribute to Abbott & Co’s long term and ongoing success.

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