Electron Beam welding in the Aerospace industry

Are you in the Aerospace or Nulcear Industry and looking for the best quality weld imaginable?

We have the opportunity to acquire an Electron beam welder from an UK manufacturer of Aerospace engine components.

Electron beam welded holes

The images shows the high quality of the welding process which takes place in a vacuum chamber. Localised heat gives minimal distortion of the metal.

This is a natural welding process for oxygen greedy materials such as titanium, zirconium and niobium.

Electron beam welded holes internal

If you would like more information on this machine which is for sale, please contact peter@westermans.com

Further details on this high tec welding process often known as EBW can be found here

 Application & Materials

  • Aerospace
    • Jet engine components
    • Parts of structures
    • Transmission parts
    • Sensors
  • Power generation
  • Space
    • Titanium tanks
    • Sensors
  • Vacuum systems
  • Medical
  • Automotive
    • Transmission parts
    • Gears
    • Parts of turbocharger
  • Electrical/electronic industries
    • Parts in copper material
  • Nuclear
    • Fuel housing
    • Parts of structure
    • Valves
    • Instrumentations
  • Research centres
    • Copper parts
    • Superconductivity material components
  • Miscellaneous
  • All metals even with high thermal conductivity
    • Steel and stainless steel
    • Aluminium and alloys
    • Copper and alloys
    • Nickel alloys and refractory metals
    • Titanium and alloys
    • Zr, Mo, Ta, Hf, W, Nb, etc
  • Welding of metals with dissimilar melting points
    • Copper to steel
    • Copper to nickel alloys
    • Steel to nickel alloys
    • Tantalum to tungsten
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