How to Offset Your Carbon Emissions

Have you ever wondered what your carbon footprint is and what you could do to help offset it?

The world’s population produces 16 million tonnes of carbon emissions every 24 hours, with the average person’s being around 10 tonnes which is equivalent to filling 24 million balloons with carbon. This includes your proportion from industry. Other contributions to our carbon footprint include energy (electricity and gas) and transport – road, air, rail and bus.

Carbon offsetting reduces emissions much faster than a single individual/company can.
The first step is to calculate your emissions, there are various calculators online available so be sure to check these out!
Then you can look at how you can start reducing your emissions:
– Taking more environmentally friendly transport options and using public transport.
– If you need to take a flight, a lot of airlines now offer carbon offsetting schemes for a small amount extra.
– Reducing energy usage (which can be as simple as turning a light or the tv off when you leave a room).

Carbon Offsetting Projects:
There are now a lot of companies such as offering carbon offsetting projects for both personal and corporate use. These range from projects in developing countries to help prevent future emissions – clean energy techniques for example, or the most popular being planting trees. Companies such as offer an easy and effortless solution to help us walk a little lighter.

Pine Forest


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