How to – Wire a 3 pin (Kettle) Plug Spool Gun to the Wire Feed Unit

We had a question from one of our Facebook friends posted on the our wall, can you add any extra advice?

Q. – How do I wire the 3 pin (kettle type) plug of my arc tec spool gun to my SAF FRO 501s wire feed unit?

A. – The plug is only a remote connection for the spool on gun motor, the motor is usually only two connections i.e positive and negative. If the motor goes the wrong way then they need to be swopped over. Having said that alot of older machines have been altered through the years and this means that they could have been wired differently. I would suggest putting a voltmeter on DC and measuring across the outer two connections, see if the voltage is there when the trigger is pressed – if you have around 20 vdc this is the correct output.

However he still having problems finding out where to take power from the welder to power up the spool gun. The gun has its own wire speed control, it has the usual euro connection and as mentioned a 3 pin plug, he has taken off the cover off the mig wfu but doesn’t know where to take power from and he also cant find any info on the net, any ideas or is he better off selling the spool gun and buying a machine thats already set up for aluminium,stainless etc?

We have asked to be sent a photo of the inside of the wire feed unit and inside the spool on gun to investigate further, any ideas?


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