I want to buy an ESAB UXB profile cutting machine

Do you want to make some money?

Well I need to find and buy a number of ESAB UXB profile cutters for pending orders.

These small workshop flame or plasma cutting machine are probably pushed into the corner gathering dust and grime.  Normally yellow in colour with one or two torch cutting posts and a table with gantry and legs.  ESAB for Westermans

Maybe you have a colleague or friend who is not longer cutting steel plate. 

They would LOVE to make money out of a redundant machine!

Make a succesful introduction and you WILL earn 10% of the value of the deal.

Look around. Ask around.
Find us cutting machines and we will reward you in cash today.

For quick results call Peter on +44 (0)116 2696941 or email peter@westermans.com

More details on our web site http://www.westermans.com


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2 Responses to I want to buy an ESAB UXB profile cutting machine

  1. Please I want to establish a factory to build plastic film blowing extrusion machines in the future (2022) and I will like to know the machines you company makes? And I will like to have any Whatsap contact for easy access of communication. Or you can Whatsap me on +233243872334

    • Westermans says:

      Thank you Samuel for taking time to comment on a blog. We only supply metal welding and cutting systems. Plastic is out our of expertise. Sorry.
      I wish you luck with your new venture.

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