Important Announcement – Our Biscuits are Now Palm Oil Free!

Sustainability is at the forefront of our business dealing with used machinery, as this, naturally, is one of the most sustainable options when investing in new equipment. So we are always conscious of how we can improve and build on this.

Therefore we are proud to announce that our popular biscuits delivered with each machine as a little thank you gift are now palm oil free!

We all need to take responsibility for our impact on the environment and whatever changes we can make as individuals and as a business will contribute to make a big difference together.
All of us at Westermans value the importance of our surroundings and love animals, deforestation has a devastating impact globally and although not huge, our palm oil free biscuits will do their bit to help – so you can be proud knowing you are helping to make a difference when you bite into your next yummy biccy!

If you have any ideas for other ways we can make a change, or ideas you would be open to contributing to let us know!

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