Latest Uploads to WestermansWelders YouTube Channel…

The latest uploads to WestermansWelders YouTube channel come in the form of submerged arc welding demonstrations on an ESAB A6/A2 welding tractor, single and twin wire set ups can both be seen –

Single wire sub arc welding demo with ESAB A6/A2 welding tractor, PEH controls and flux recovery system.

Twin wire set up with an ESAB A6/A2 welding tractor and ESAB LAF 1250 welding power source set up for DC.

Submerged arc welding (SAW) is a welding process that can deliver high deposition rates and deep penetration at a very rapid pace, increasing welding speeds and therefore productivity.
A typical SAW system involves an automated carriage to move the welding torch and flux hopper tube steadily down the welding seam. Automated wire feeding and voltage and current control are also necessary to maintain precise control of the welding parameters. SAW can be done manually, but those applications are very rare in today’s industry.

SAW benefits speak for themselves. The controlled process leads to a high-quality and repeatable weld with little risk of incomplete fusion because of the deep penetration. It delivers a high deposition rate, as high as over 45kg per hour when using multiple electrodes. The use of welding flux helps to eliminate weld spatter and fumes. Travel speeds for SAW can reach up to nearly 4m per minute.

Westermans stock a variety of equipment for submerged arc welding, similar to the ESAB equipment in the demo videos and other systems that can be custom built to suit each clients needs. We will also buy surplus sub arc equipment for stock, click here to sell your unwanted welding equipment.

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