Machine of the Week – Fronius Hotwire Cladding Stations

Machine of the Week

Fronius Hotwire Cladding Systems – 2 In Stock



Recently Arrived Into Stock – YOM 2014

Key Features:

  • The Compact Cladding Cell is designed for maximum cost-effective overlay welding on components up to a diameter of 1 m (3.94 in) and a maximum weight of 2500 kg (5511 lb). Despite its compact design,
  • The Compact Cladding Cell is an extremely powerful cladding system that provides simple operation, precise movements and extensive data logging capabilities.
  • Compact CNC Weld Overlay Cladding Cell with Fronius FPA 9000 CC Control
  • The power-team: TransTig 5000 Job with high-performance cooling unit FK 4000 R and TransTig 2200 Job – fully digital for the best welding quality with TIG hotwire.
  • 1000KG Welding positioner fitted with a 900mm table fitted with 500mm Chuck. Slip ring systems transfer power when a face plate is rotating and are used to operating heating elements for pre-heating components.
  • Overall height 2400mm
  • Area required 2000 x 2700mm additional space required 600 x 650mm working area
  • Thermal Heating Pads and Unit 50kva

Click Here for Full Details and to Make an Enquiry, or call Craig on +44(0) 1162 696941.





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