New YouTube Upload: Meritus Resistance Seam Welder

New WestermansWelders upload:

Meritus Resistance Seam Welder, longitudinal type.
This machine was last used in the production and welding of flue vents and ducting.

High lift rocker arm seam welder TYPE 30AS
Longitudinal top electrode 150mm and bottom electrode 100mm, the circumferential seam  welder electrodes are 200mm top and 120mm bottom
Max weld power 60 KVA
Thermal KVA 30
Water cooled
Operational Manuals
Mains supply 415

Resistance seam welding machines come in either a longitudinal type or circumferential type, and form a weld between two sheets of metal by sending a current through a top and bottom electrode, fusing the materials together, generally to form a tubular component. This process is ideal for use in the automotive industries in the manufacturing of exhausts for example, also biochemical and food and beverage industries, and generally most metal components that require the welding of a ‘seam’ to join two pieces together.

Westermans have a large range of used seam welding machines in stock, and are always looking to buy resistance/seam welding machines.
Contact if you have seam welding machines to sell.

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