Our Campaign “Sell Your Welding Positioner to Westermans”

If you are looking to sell your Kemppi TIG welding machine, or ESAB CNC plasma cutter – Peter Westerman is always looking to buy surplus welding and cutting machines.

His latest campaign for the Westermans welding equipment purchasing department, was for welding positioners/welding manipulators.

Bode 500kg Welding Positioner












Here is his response –

We have just been asking for one ton welding positioners and John from Glasgow found us 3 Bode machines in nice condition that had not been used for 4 years!
I biked up to Glasgow and bought them on the spot and we have now paid John a handsome commission of £925 – nice one John, thanks!

If you fancy earning yourself some nice money – why not provide Peter with details of welding equipment for sale – the bigger the better! Just remember, the more value in the equipment – the more money everyone can make!

Know some equipment for sale or surplus to requirements but it’s not yours? No problem! We pay commission for successful leads also! Everyone’s a winner!

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2 Responses to Our Campaign “Sell Your Welding Positioner to Westermans”

  1. Simon Mee says:

    Maybe he found this page http://www.westermans.com/sellyourweldingpositioner.aspx
    What sort of commission fee do you pay?

    • Westermans says:

      Cheers Simon – yes he probably did!!!

      10% Finder’s fee commission is normally paid.
      Only Westerman’s have the financial outlay. So it’s a good earner for an introduction.

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