The UK needs to train more welders for our future

Are you struggling to decide what to do when you leave school? Do you enjoy working with your hands and have a creative mind also?

Ever thought of a career as a Welder?

Having a 20 year old son and being aware of the mine field of information available (or lack of it) However, I have decided to try and create some useful information for youngster’s (and their parents) who are interested in a career in Engineering and more importantly welding.

Over the last couple of decades with the decline in manufacturing and closure of our factories, no-one was interested in investing time and energy into training people in the roles or mechancial engineers, welders, fabricators, boiler makers etc. However this was a huge mistake as now the skilled experienced welders are now reaching retirement age with NO-ONE to take over their jobs.

Statistics show there will be a worldwide shortage and the big players around the world in welding & Fabrication are finally doing something about this. Training schools, colleges even the Boy Scouts are now inviting both boys and girls to consider a job in welding by opening specialised academy sites and offering apprenticeships. The job prospects and financial rewards are at the moment probably the best they have been for many years. So get in now whilst you have the chance!

It is time to open your mind to the worldwide opportunities of this exciting profession.

Welding, sometimes described more as an art than as a craft, is a modern profession with many faces and levels. It should not be surprising that it appeals to many young and not so young people, male and female alike.

Welding is changing. It is adapting, dynamic, and challenging. It applies new knowledge and scientific principles, and it constantly is expanding its frontiers.

Many opportunities are available to inquisitive people in mainstream welding and various auxiliary fields. Working in this profession can be as exciting and satisfying as you are prepared to make it, if you practice it successfully and love it.

Welding is an occupation with growth. Welders are never satisfied with what they know now—skills already mastered and tips already owned; they should continue to learn throughout their careers.

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