The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide.

Your Christmas shopping bible, sure to give you ideas for what everyone wants this Christmas, plus some bonus (or not) cheaper alternatives!

What she really wants: expensive anti-wrinkle cream
Cheaper alternative: Polyfilla – dual purpose and everyone has some!

What he really wants: a nice designer watch
Cheaper alternative: what was wrong with an hourglass anyway?

What they really want: Apple iPad
Cheaper alternative: who remembers Etcha Sketch? Best toy I ever owned!

What she really wants: perfume by Gucci or Dior
Cheaper alternative: walk past the fancy stands and head to the end of the aisle – always a bargain to be had.

What he really wants: personalised leather wallet
Cheaper alternative: just buy a good old fashioned stamp and ink so that he can craft his own…

What she really wants: silk scarf to wear with her new broach
Cheaper alternative: recycle one of last year’s tree decorations, the finishing touch to any festive outfit!

What he really wants: cashmere jumper
Cheaper alternative: re-wrap the cashmere jumper you gave him last year, he will never know!

What she really wants: Chanel lipstick
Cheaper alternative: a red Sharpie pen comes in more colours and you could probably buy hundreds more for the same price 🙂

What he really wants: remote controlled flying device
Cheaper alternative: an origami kit – no batteries needed and when it crashes it’s easy enough to make another!

What she really wants: a relaxing facial at a spa
Cheaper alternative: mix some left over coffee grounds with yoghurt and she might even get a tan too…

What he really wants: a nice bottle of whiskey
Cheaper alternative: a miniature version, you never mentioned how big the bottle would be!

*disclaimer – Westermans are not to blame for any offence taken in the buying of any gift mentioned above! Happy Holidays! 🙂

Happy Christmas from all the team at Westermans!
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