Welding Equipment gathering dust and taking up space?

This week I have a challenge for you. 


I promise it won’t be hard work!

If you think this may involve climbing hills for charity, jumping out of planes for fun or riding from John O’Groats to Lands End for pain – you are very mistaken.

It involves no form of exercise of the body – just the mind!



It will cost you absolutely nothing.

FACT :  You will earn money from this.

Have I grabbed your interest yet?   Yes, good that is just what I wanted to hear!


So……………………… here goes


kemppi welder

Find me used Kemppi PSS welding machines, preferably the PSS5000 model

(but I won’t disqualify you if find any other tig or mig welder)

welding positioner


second hand welding positioners, 1000kg capacity and upwards. In fact go for LARGE – the bigger the better in this case.

This could be made by Bode, ESAB, Pema, Gullco, Intrument Engineering, Key Plant, Co-Weld, Ransome, Murex and SAF plus any other European or USA manufacturer.

We are known to pay over the odds for welding equipment as we have full order books and worldwide clients waiting to buy quality welding machinery.



So it’s easy.

Find a Kemppi PSS5000 or several of them

Find a welding positioner for sale

REMEMBER – it may not be for sale, it may not be working – but surely it is worth asking a simple question.

If your business or any friend or colleague has any form of redundant welding equipment or machinery taking up valuable space then why not try and sell if for them. Both of you will make a nice profit out of selling it to Westermans.

Or maybe you own a welding machine gathering dust in your shed or garage?

Why write-off plant and machinery? Ever wondered if there was an alternative solution to throwing away your excess and redundant inventory? The answer  – Yes there is.

We buy all types of welding and fabrication machinery.

We mean everything. Large and small welder, one item or many, anything from a small machine to a full warehouse of surplus industrial equipment.

So if at this time you don’t find a Kemppi machine or a welding positioner BUT you do find other welders surplus or for sale. Then make money by selling to us or introducing us to the Seller.



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