Westermans Customer Damir Lukic Boat Building Project

Westermans’ customer Damir Lukic, purchased a Fronius 2700 alu edition pulse mig welder from us to aid his fabrication project of building a boat!

Here we will be posting updates from Damir and his site to show his progress throughout the build, and you can share advice and add any comments that you have for him.

Building a boat takes a lot of time, funds and skill. If you have the resources it can be a very fulfilling and rewarding part of your life!
From prototyping to cutting the steel and polishing the deck, a project like this is going to be your baby for the foreseeable future!

You will need to take into consideration the time you may have to spend on such a project, your equipment and material outlay costs, and the skills you might need to be able to undertake the work – such as CAD/CAM programming, plasma cutting and welding (joining and preparation techniques).

Damir is now at this stage, and we can follow his progress here and on his site, where he will share his experiences…

Aluminium Boat Building


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