Westermans Wednesday: Brazing Hussy Sculpture

As long as the gas is flowing, women will be welding – although this may not be your first thought, women can be very handy with a welding torch and a bottle of gas!

Starting off as a head teacher, ‘Brazing Hussy’ sculptor Heather Gray has now been happily welding for 10 years – go girl! Her love for metal works began at a Saturday morning Metal Sculpture course at a local Edinburgh College and after a few basic lessons with the oxy-acetylene torch and attempting right-angled joints she was ‘let loose’ sculpting – her words.

Heather said “Being Scottish my first project was to create a gigantic thistle for my garden.  Luckily thistles are pretty jaggy, not symmetrical and can withstand rubbish welds and holes!  As the new girl to the class I got lots of advice and there was loads of laughs as my thistle head got heavier and heavier as I had to keep adding bits to cover the mistakes.  Anyway today, with a few minor changes, it lives in my garden!”

Since that moment, Heather has had her first oxy-acetylene kit for her birthday, baby mig welders, plasma cutters and other metal working machines and welding tools in her stocking at Christmas to give her sculptures the effect she desired, making her a fully fledged metal artist!

Heather now has her own website – www.brazinghussy.com, and is getting commissions from friends, family and locals for her metalworking /welded art, anything from a garden sculpture to a unique focal point within the home!

“At heart I’m still an oxy-acetylene girl.  Love the smooth welds, the ability to heat, bend and weld in one go from thin wire to thicker sheet.  Would love if a company made prettier boiler suits, smaller welding gloves and, until I discovered the joy of one contact lens, I desperately wanted someone to produce welding goggles with inbuilt magnifying lenses!”

Heather has now advanced from home welding, with her new workshop at the local marina secured, we wish Heather all the best in her work and cannot wait to hear what she gets up to next!

**Note from Heather – “Why do more women not weld? I get totally lost in the process and forget about chocolate and all my other problems!”
So if you are a lady welder – get in touch and spread the word about this calming and weight loss aid!

Please spread the word and share with your friends Heather’s amazing work – it may be a great gift for someone you know!

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