Westermans Wednesday: Workshopshed.com Blog Page

This week’s Westermans Wednesday is dedicated to the blog from our friend Andy, www.workshopshed.com

The Workshopshed blog is based on a diary and thoughts on setting up and using a small shed as a workshop, including information on welding – different welding terminology and processes, CAD drawing and CAD systems, and other associated metalworking processes.

Andy also shows you how he has been getting on with his own personal projects, with years of archives you will have plenty of interesting projects to look at and maybe compare with him!
Plus some of my favourite posts from ‘The Flower Pot Furnace’ – where Andy keeps us updated with some of his metal casting work. An example of this can be found below –

Before                                           After

You can subscribe for updates to Andy’s blog, and also follow him on Twitter

Enjoy his page and be sure to share it!


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  1. The block above was cast in sand using a template that was simply pushed into sand (hence the rough edges), the material was melded down hard disk cases. After casting it was scrubbed with a flap disk. It’s now sitting on the shelf ready for machining in any project that requires a block of aluninium (pic on right). Warning if you try this, the aluminium will get very hot (although no sparks).

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