World Skills Sao Paulo 2015


The 43rd WorldSkills Competition will take place at Anhembi Parque, São Paulo, Brazil from 11 to 16 August 2015


Imagine being Reece Taylor, 20 year old apprentice welder from County Durham in the North of England.  What better way to test himself against the best in the world at his level of welding by entering this International competition.

Derwent CollegeHis Employer, Dyer Engineering must be immensely proud of his achievements so far?

His Welding apprenticeship is at Derwentside College in Consett, County Durham.

Take a look at the whole list of British WorldSkills finalists who have earned with their skills the chance to travel and compete during August 2015 in this prestigious International event.


Go to the Facebook page of Worldskills UK FB page, in 2017 it could be you.  The categories are wide ranging so something for everyone.

For more information on the event in Brasil this year visit

Interest in starting a career in Welding?

Many other colleges and educational centres around the UK run similar courses.

Need help? Feel free to contact by phone or email  I can try and put you in touch with a good training centre in your area and possibly a work place apprenticeship with one of our many welding and fabrication customers.

REMEMBER – The world has a shortage of Welders and Fabricators.  This job can be as basic or exciting and dangerous as you want.  The opportunities are endless, for more details see a Blog and infographic created by a Tulsa welding school in America


WorldSkills is showcasing the value of skills and raising the recognition of skilled professionals worldwide.

Skills are the foundation of modern life. Everything, from the houses we live in to the societies we create, is the result of skills. They are the driving force behind successful careers and companies, thriving industries and economies. Skills keep the world working.

Held every two years, the WorldSkills Competition is the world’s largest professional education event. Competitors from over 50 countries and regions in the Americas, Europe, Asia, South Pacific and Africa simulate real work challenges that must be completed to international standards of quality. They demonstrate individual and collective technical skills to perform specific tasks for each of the professional skills.

Throughout its 65 year history, the Competition brings together the best young people from around the world in their chosen profession. They represent the best students selected in local and national skills competitions for professional education.

The event also provides contact and exchange of information on best practices in professional education among industry leaders, governments and education experts. The experience and the results of all of the competitions provide valuable feedback to the Competitors, their countries or regions of origin and businesses and schools in which they are being trained. In each Competition, delegations aspire to ever-higher results, while the Competitors are role models to inspire school children to engage in technical and skilled careers.

It is the first time in history that the WorldSkills Competition will be held in South America.




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