ESAB GMD Multi System with Motorised Slides

ESAB GMD Multi System with Motorised Slides

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Brand: ESAB

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  • Automatic GMD joint tracking with joystick controlled motor-operated cross slides
  • Capable of heavy-duty MIG, single/twin wire SAW, as well as strip cladding and Synergic Cold Wire
  • Positioning and joint tracking system The high-precision, heavy-duty A6 servo slide forms an important part of ESAB's automatic welding program.
  • The slide is primarily intended for use in connection with positioning and joint tracking. Depending on the desired function and the work to be performed,
  • the slide can be combined with two different control systems: PAK or GMD. The PAK is a manual,
  • servo-assisted, joystick-controlled positioning and joint-tracking system for one or two slides. The GMD automatic joint-tracking system covers a wide range of applications and provides convenient handling.
  • The basic function of the GMD is to correct irregularities in weld joints and to track simple workpiece geometries.
  • You can also use sensor fingers with the GMD system to eliminate parallax faults.
  • Fully Serviced Price £/GBP: 3000... AS NEW
  • Example film clip showing ESAB GMD Seam tracking system fitted to a column and boom will work on any system

Package Includes:

  • 4 months warranty

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