Lincoln Power Wave 455M/STT MIG Welder

Lincoln  Power Wave 455M/STT MIG Welder
Lincoln  Power Wave 455M/STT MIG Welder

Product: 17696

Brand: Lincoln

Model: Power Wave 455M/STT

Condition: Used

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  • The Lincoln Electric MIG welding system has the Power Feed™ 10M Dual feed along with many other features for Stick, TIG, MIG, Pulsed, STT(1), Flux-Cored welding and Gouging
  • Superior Arc Performance. Revolutionary Digital Communication
  • For welding thicker materials in robotics, hard automation and semiautomatic applications, choose the Power Wave® 455M.
  • For those applications where heat input control, minimal distortion, and reduced spatter are essential, opt for the Power Wave® 455M/ST
  • Choose from over 60 standard welding waveform programs that offer a broad range of electrode size, type and shielding gas combinations to give you optimal appearance, penetration, beadshape and travel speed for each application.
  • Feature Waveform Control Technology™ for superior arc performance on a variety of materials, including steel, stainless steel, aluminium and nickel alloys.
  • Both deliver custom control of the arc for a given wire type, size and shielding gas configuration for consistent welds time after time.
  • STT® (Surface Tension Transfer®) is a controlled GMAW short circuit transfer process that uses current controls to adjust the heat independent of wire feed speed,
  • resulting in superior arc performance, good penetration, low heat input control, and reduced spatter and fumes
  • See full specification on the PDF link

Package Includes:

  • 4 month warranty
  • Package includes:- NEW 4m air cooled MIG torch (or water cooled MIG torch if cooling is supplied), single stage 2 gauge regulator (UK sales only) and earth work lead.
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