Soyer BMK 16i Drawn Arc Stud Welder

Soyer BMK 16i Drawn Arc Stud Welder
Soyer BMK 16i Drawn Arc Stud Welder Soyer BMK 16i Drawn Arc Stud Welder

Product: 17211

Brand: Soyer

Model: BMK 16i

Condition: Used

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  • The BMK-16W stud welder is very powerful, but compact and portable. Weld parameters are set using a membrane keyboard and display
  • The BMK-16 allows adjustment of all the weld parameters including the weld current. Microprocessor control and programmability assures consistent weld sequences.
  • This machine automatically controls inert shielding gas delivery to the weld zone. The 1000 amp adjustable and regulated power source can weld fasteners up to 5/8" diameter with reduced base.
  • Welding studs up to 13mm. M3 - M16 RD or 2 - 13 mm in diameter
  • Steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel (Al and brass depending on respective requirements)
  • The all-rounder is ideal for universal welding tasks, the inverter is equally suited for stud welding, electrode welding and TIG welding.
  • Photo shows machine awaiting preparation

Package Includes:

  • 4 month warranty
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