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LMBA Finalist Badge International Trade Award

Lower Drayton BWMA

Motocross for Fearless Women


This weekend sees the girls competing at Lower Drayton Motocross Track.

It will be Round 3 of the Westermans International British Women’s Motocross Championship. The 2 day event courtesy of Cannock AMCA Club is also an important round for the Mens IBMA European championships. Continue reading

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British Steel to be Supplied for Navy Type 26 Frigates

Finally some positives coming from the British Steel Industry…








BAE are producing the first 3 of 8 Navy Type 26 frigate vessels, using 4000 tonnes of steel in the process, of which 35% will be British from Bradford’s Dent Steel Services.

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Choosing Gas for Oxy-fuel Profile Cutter

How to choose the correct Gas for your CNC Cutting machine

Do fabricators know about what has become such a common part of the manufacturing process? 

Fuel gases have been used in manufacturing for decades and is a very common part of the process.  Are we well-informed enough to make the best choice of fuel gas for oxyfuel cutting?

When supplying used and refurbished profile cutting machines we are often asked about gases and we recommend you call in your Gas Supplier and discuss the options as getting it right will cut down your costs of production.

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Don’t miss the bus. ESAB are coming

ESAB DEMOTOUR coming to your town

ESAB Demotour

Want to see the latest welding and cutting machines? Experience new ESAB equipment before anyone else in your area?
Learn better techniques and find tools that will make your work easier? Maybe even get to see the ESAB Rebel in action?

The ESAB Demobus has hit the road. Don’t miss the bus!

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Action packed HOT day at Warmingham Lane MX

Wow what a weekend!

BWMA Westermans International British Women’s Championship
2nd Round at Warmingham June 18th 2017


How any of the riders coped in the hottest temperatures Britain had seen since 1976 I will never know. I was thirsty and tired just walking to the start line to see the girls off.

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