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Welding Industry Awards

Recognising excellence from within the welding industry





The Welding World Awards 2018 are impartial, independent awards that can be won by any company operating in the welding industry. The aim of The Welding World Awards is to seek out examples of being the best at what we do.

Impartial. Expertly Judged. Open to all those involved in a business operating in the welding industry.

With being in the Welding and Fabrication industry for over 50 years, we have seen it all. The Good, Bad and the Ugly! 

So Westermans decided to support and sponsor these Awards and give praise to those who work so hard in the welding world. 

Voting has now closed.  Nominees from the Top 20 have been invited to attend a judging day during February 2018 in Coventry.

The sophisticated Welding World Awards ceremony will take place on Wednesday 11th April 2018 at the Hilton Metropole Hotel, Birmingham. The host for The Welding World Awards will be Eamonn Holmes.

2016 Peter Westerman our Founder was overwhelmed with delight to win a special Lifetime Achievement Award to the Welding Industry. Here is pictured with some of our lovely girls!!

Award Categories

Best Gas Agent

Sponsored by GYS Ltd

The winner of this award will be aware of the latest technology and works within current legislation as well as being aware of future changes and how they will embrace them.

Best New Welding Product Supplier

Sponsored by SAF-FRO

The winner of this award is ahead of the game when it comes to understanding the industry, their customers and the future.

Best Safety Product Supplier


The winner of this award will be an expert in the field with a passion for ensuring our industry is as safe as it can be.

Best Surface Finishing

The winner of this award has been deemed by a panel of judges to be the best surface finishing business.

Best Welding Distributor

Sponsored by Baileigh Industrial Inc.

The winner of this award has excellent knowledge of the products they are responsible for, is trusted for their knowledge as well as delivering excellent customer service.

Best Welding Industry Training Provider

The winner of this award delivers excellent training programmes using the latest technology and current legislation. They are fully aware of future changes which are highlighted to their client base to ensure they are always ahead of the game.

Best E-Commerce Website Organisation

Sponsored by Weldability Sif

The winner of this award has engineered a website which is easy to navigate, has up to date information and is trusted. It has a search engine which takes the user, within seconds, to exactly what they are looking for, ensuring the website is always the first port of call.

Best Welding Machine Supplier


Sponsored by Westermans International

The winner of this award has excellent knowledge of the machines they are supplying as well as an understand of the requirements of the customer, ensuring sound advice is given. They are recognised as having excellent customer service as well as a strong client base of satisfied, returning customers.




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National Wind Supply Hits Record

Wind Farms in the UK have set a national record over the past few days with an output surpassing 10GW, according to UK media, which refers to information provided by Drax Electric Insights, based on data from Elexon and National Grid.

The statistics at the Electric Insights website show that wind power supply in the UK exceeded 10GW on 15 January (10.7GW) and hit a 12GW mark on both 16 and 17 January, with figures for 18 January showing 8.3GW.

The Gansu Wind Farm, China

The Gansu Wind Farm Project is currently under construction in the desert near Jiuquan, China. The planned total capacity for the wind farm is 8 GW which it will achieve in phases. Currently, at 6,000 MW, the Gansu Wind Farm is already the largest wind farm in the world and is almost equal to the United Kingdom’s total wind power capacity.

The project has almost 7,000 wind turbines in operation with 36 new wind turbines being erected each day. However, due to local government favouring coal and poor long-distance transmission capacity, The Gansu Project in China is one of the most underutilized wind projects in the world with nearly 40% of capacity wasted.

Polish Industry Launches 2025 Offshore Wind Programme

Poland’s Foundation for Sustainable Energy (FNEZ) has, in cooperation with entities from the maritime industry, offshore energy, wind energy, steel industry and manufacturers of offshore constructions, ships, and cables, established a Memorandum of the Polish Offshore Energy Sector (PPPEM).

The PPPEM (Porozumienie Polskiego Przemysłu Energetyki Morskiej) has gathered 40 entities, including the Polish Offshore Wind Energy Society (PTME), that see the development of offshore energy investments, especially offshore wind energy, as an opportunity for creating an innovative, competitive and powerful Polish industry, according to FNEZ.

The programme called Baltic Energy for Poland 2025, aims to advance Poland on its path to utilising its untapped offshore wind potential in the Baltic Sea.



How are Wind Towers Constructed?

Wind energy does not pollute the air or create harmful greenhouse gases. It emits no CO2, unlike fossil fuel based powers that rely on coal or natural gas combustion. Within just a few months of operation, wind turbine towers recover the energy they use during their build, operations, and dismantlement. To use wind turbines to their fullest potential, manufacturers make their main components out of steel.

Steel is strong enough to hold the turbine’s blades in place as they rotate, as well as provide a strong nacelle frame and machinery. The nacelle can weigh 300 tons and requires strong steel for safe operation. The nacelle contains high-value steels such as electrical steels that help conserve energy. The wind turbine tower industry has implemented steel in most components of the turbine to provide greater strength and durability.

Tubular Steel Towers

Most large tubular steel wind turbines rely on steel for its towers, manufactured in sections of 20 to 30 metres. Each section has flanges at either end. Workers bolt these sections together on site. Tubular steel towers, as the name implies, are conical, with their diameter increasing toward the base. This increases the tower’s strength and saves materials. The advantage of steel in this tower is to provide a strong enough base to support the height and the heavy weight of the turbine. Steel is also a flexible enough material to allow for the conical shape of a tubular steel tower without breaking or resisting pressure.

Lattice Towers

Lattice towers have welded steel profiles instead of steel sheets. Lattice towers provide the advantage of a smaller cost investment compared to others, since they use about half as much material as tubular towers. Yet the lattice tower still provides similar stiffness and reliability as tubular towers. Steel enables this type of wind turbine to exist using fewer materials because of the metal’s incredible strength. Lattice towers allow wind to pass through the base and tower sections, decreasing the pressure and resistance on the structure. One disadvantage according to some people is the appearance of lattice towers. Aesthetic complaints have led to a marketed decrease in the use of lattice towers for modern wind turbines.


Steel Hybrid Towers

Steel and concrete hybrid towers are ideal for taller turbines, as they bring the best of both materials. Taller towers do not need as great a diameter, reducing the number of trees that must be cut down. Many experts in the industry believe that concrete-steel hybrids are the future. Concrete bottom sections with tubular steel upper sections can deliver the greatest height and stability.



Heavy Duty welding equipment is a major part of the plant needed to construct these towers. Often made in a facility and then transported to the Wind Farm site for construction.

You will need a Column and Boom welder working in conjunction with a set of welding rotators and a welding application such Submerged Arc

If you are looking for large specialised semi auto vessel and tank welders follow two links to a used  Welding Boom Manipulator and set of special purpose Fit Up Rotators for sale




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Welding to MX to Aruba

New Year – Old Values

Well we are already well into the start of another superb year

2017 was amazing – financially, socially and emotionally!

Lifetime achievements. Business Growth. Outstanding Team

Now what about the NEW YEAR of 2018

As Sponsors of the 2018 Welding World Awards, we are excited to be Judges, as well as Nominated and Attendees of this vital industry Award Ceremony in April.

This event pushes the boat out to promote the Welding and Fabrication industry, do something to help the skills shortage and acknowledge those that keep Welding a vital component of the UK’s industrial heritage.

Britain has been known for centuries for its quality British Steel, first class mechanical and electrical engineering, excellent manufacturing capabilities.

Our family run firm is no different.  The values of business we adopted over half a century ago are still going strong.  Maybe even more so today in a world of uncertainty and unrest.

We look forward to working with many old customers and securing friendships with new customers around the world.  With our wealth of knowledge and vast array of products this already is looking to be another exciting new year.

Wishing you Health, Wealth and Happiness for 2018

Claire Spillane, Director




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Britain on the Verge

MD captured Twice

Would you believe it – many friends, customers and colleagues have spotted Peter Westerman in the BBC Article Britain on the verge: Life along the A1 written and photographed by Peter Dench.

See what you think. Peter can be seen eating his breakfast at Flo’s café a place he has frequented for many years (previously at Little Chef) as he travels around the country buying used welding equipment for our business.

BUT do you think it is him at the miniature railway station chatting up the lady over the fence? 

Those who know Peter will say yes as his colourful character is loved by all who meet him.

Click this link http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/in-pictures-42151512 and then let us know your opinion.

All work is by Peter Dench who will be exhibiting in January 2018.


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TWI Student of the Year

the Welding Institute

Do you know an outstanding Student involved in Welding Technology?

The Welding Institute, Northumbria Branch invites you to nominate a candidate for the Student of the Year Award.

This prestigious award is given to an outstanding candidate who satisfies the Northumbria Branch Committee criteria.


The committee generally considers the following factors as being essential:

  • Has attended a recent course of training and/or education in the past academic year (2016/17) involving welding technology.
  • Has achieved consistently good results throughout the course and must be able to provide evidence of a recent college report, training review or performance review
  • Is a highly motivated individual, displaying enthusiasm, eagerness and willingness (the candidate or nominee must supply a personal statement to say why they are suitable for this award)
  • Must be aware of their potential career pathways in the welding  industry
  • Could be a role model for younger people entering the profession

Please provide your nomination as soon as possible, but no later than Friday, 22nd December 2017, along with a written statement clearly explaining why your nomination deserves this award. This may be sent to the following address:

Mr. Keith Temperley
TWI Student of the Year
54 Fenwick Way
Co. Durham. DH8 5FE

or email: [email protected]


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