Machine of the Week

The ultimate welding system for boiler makers, huge savings guaranteed!

Our Machine of the Week this week is the Polysoude PS406-2 tube to tube sheet welding package.
Save thousands when you buy this machine used from Westermans.

Key features:

  • Polysoude PS406-2 orbital TIG welding power supply.
  • Polysoude TS2000 tube to tube sheet welding head. Fitted with centring mandrel, AVC, wire feed and all cables.
  • Welding power source also features AVC (arc voltage control) and OSC (torch oscillation control).
  • Non-volatile weld procedure library for all types of weld joints.
  • Large LCD screen and operator panel make it really user friendly.
  • Programming available as angular degrees, mm/min or inches/min.
  • Full function remote control for programme selection.
  • Key protection for user interface.

Take a look at the benefits of Polysoude’s tube to tube sheet welding equipment here.

Why use a tube to tube sheet welder?

Any application involving boiler or heat exchanger manufacturing will require tube to tube sheet welding. Whether it is for maintenance and repair or initial fabrication.
This is due to the amount of tubes in the heat exchanger to be welded securely to the boiler plate itself.
The demand of the conditions in the boiler due to the heat and pressure produced, means that welds must be extremely robust.
They also need to be of precision quality, the slightest imperfection could have catastrophic consequences.

A tube to tube sheet welding package like this one from Polysoude uses orbital TIG welding technology of the most sophisticated level to ensure safe and repeatable welds are achieved.

Industries that require tube to tube sheet welding.

The most common industries that use tube to tube sheet welding are those that involve industrial heat exchangers and boilers.

Including, but not limited to; chemical, sanitary, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

Find out more about the process and specifics in this article from Heat Exchanger World.

Take a look at the TS2000 in action in this video from Polysoude:

We can ship this welding system internationally, with our many years of export experience you are in safe hands. Freight and documentation can all be taken care of, saving you time and effort for what is important in your business.

Find out more on our shipping and international support options here.