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We supply a selection of spot welder machines, available from stock. These include resistance spot welding machines, mini spot welders, and rocker-arm type spot welders. As well as linear and pedestal spot welders, and spot welding guns for portable spot welding.

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What is spot welding?

Spot welding allows for two thin sheets of metal to be welded together precisely in a short amount of time. It’s a popular form of welding because the heat produced doesn’t affect the rest of the metal sheet. Spot welders are ideal for joining sheet metal due to their ease of use. Lower heat levels and short welding times make it an advantageous process compared to other methods of welding.

What is resistance spot welding?

The resistance spot welding process benefits many sheet metal industrial sectors. Including automotive and the manufacturing of kitchen appliances. The introduction of heat melts and joins the metal together. The electrical resistance between the two sheets creates the heat, forming spot welds.

Types of spot welding machines.

There are different types of spot welder machines on the market for different applications. Pedestal and treadle type machines with rocker arm or linear descent are suitable for most spot welding. Including jobbing, production spot welding and weld nuts. Pedestal spot welders can also be suitable for projection welding. Suspended or single sided spot welders are designed for welding thin sheet components that are too large to handle. For example car body work, fencing or cosmetic poke welding with a spot welding pen or small spot welder.

How to use a spot welder.

Spot welders work by clamping two sheets of metal between two electrodes. Passing an electric current through the electrodes to the spot that requires welding. Basic systems consist of an electrical power source and controls, spot welding arms, and spot welding electrodes. Features such as water cooling, foot pedals and sophisticated controllers can be added depending on application requirements. Spot welding machines are adjustable, able to deliver different current amplitudes. Allowing for use on metal of different types and thickness including steel, aluminium and brass.

Spot welder manufacturers.

There are a number of reputable brands on the market today, but we stick to those we know offer good aftersales support. These include British Federal, CEA, Meritus, PW - Portable Welders, Tecna, Sciaky, Pei, and ProSpot.

Where is spot welding used?

Examples of uses for spot welding include:

  • Metal buckets
  • Consumable parts & automotive industry (automatic spot welding machines like welding robots).
  • Automotive car body repairs
  • Consumer "white goods"
  • Aerospace engineering

Is spot welding strong?

The strength of a spot weld depends on some variables. Cleanliness of the metal and electrodes are a factor, as well as material thickness and the amount of heat used. The spot welded joint can be reinforced with multiple welds if more strength is needed.

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