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World leaders in mechanised and manual plasma cutters, Hypertherm make top quality machines so we are proud to be Agents and Ambassadors by buying and selling their equipment

We have many different models of new & used Hypertherm plasma cutters for sale at great prices but more importanty they are in stock ready for despatch. 

If you are looking for a CNC plasma cutting system, it is normal to find the mechanised cutting table fitted with a Hypertherm, as the company work closely with the majority of profile cutting table manufacturers.  Or how about we retrofit your existing cutting machine by adding a new, used or refurbished Hypertherm system to it? 

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From the popular single phase Powermax 45XP to the Hydef, HPR and XPR models as Agents, Partners and Ambassadors of Hypertherm we can offer full service and support. We also have a large range of older models and spares to keep your units in production. Click the ENQUIRE button for the quickest way to a price and availability on any product you see.

For nearly 50 years, Hypertherm’s objective has been to deliver the world’s finest cutting products and solutions

  • Founded in 1968
  • Founded by Richard Couch, Jr.
  • Headquarters in Hanover, New Hampshire, USA
  • More than 1,300 Associates worldwide
  • Products sold in more than 60 countries

Product development and innovation is one of the reasons why Hypertherm plasma, laser, and waterjet systems, software, motion controls and consumables are in the high regard for cut quality, productivity, and cost-efficiency

The majority of Mechanised Profile Cutting manufactuers ADD Hypertherm Plasma cutters to their own systems

Do you have a Hypertherm machine you wish to sell? Maybe thinking of upgrading? Get in touch with our Buying Team who will let you know if we will buy it and what it's worth

The range of Hypertherm Plasma Cutting Equipment is recognised worldwide by mechanised and manual Plasma cutting system users

As Agents and Distributors we can supply new machines and consumables as well as used spares and equipment, we also sell used and refurbished plasma units of past and current models. However if you want some help with your technique and some advice check out this Blog Spark the Blog from Hypertherm themselves.

If you are looking for a world leader in plasma cutting then you must take a close look at used and refurbished Hypertherm plasma cutters.This brand of equipment give worldclass quality and one of the most reliable on the market. The back up service and warranty is a huge factor when considering investing money in to a plasma cutting machine, you will not be disappointed.

Browse above for the new and used Hypertherm plasma cutting machines in stock for sale. Need a plasma cutter quick? We can do a 2-3 day turnaround on the majority of Hypertherm units in stock or offer rental to UK clients.

See here a video interview by Mechanics Hub Reporter (www.mechanicshub.com) Jacquie Tamaya when meets with Rob Bite from Hypertherm and discusses the types of metal cutting systems that Hypertherm offers

Current Models of Hypertherm Plasma Cutters are

  • Hypertherm XPR Plasma 
  • Hypertherm HyPerformance Plasma
  • Hypertherm Powermax Plasma
  • Hypertherm LongLife Plasma
  • Hypertherm Freedom Plasma
  • Hypertherm HyPrecision Waterjet
  • Hypertherm HyIntensity Fiber Laser
  • Hypertherm ProNest Software - Robotmaster
  • Hypertherm Software - EDGE Pro CNC
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