Used Polysoude Orbital TIG Welding Systems

We stock a range of used Polysoude orbital machines. Polysoude is a globally recognised manufacturer of orbital tube welding equipment, weld overlay and cladding and tube end preparation machinery and is used power plants, refineries, offshore oil platforms around the world.  

Polysoude - the Art of Welding - has been in business for 50 years, its head office is located in Nantes, France.  Specialising in the design and manufacture of orbital and automated solution for TIG welder and TIG weld overlay by way of state of the art arc welding processes and techniques.  We can assure you we will always supply quality new or used Polysoude welding equipment. Have something to sell? Get in touch.
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Orbital and automated welding and cladding... Polysoude is renowned for its expertise in orbital TIG welding, with an extensive product range which includes highly efficient equipment for mechanised, automated, robotic and automatic welding systems, as well as solutions for weld overlay cladding applications. Polysoude has been creating solutions best adapted to the requirements of the industry since its foundation in the early 1960's.

Mastering arc welding processes and their automation is our know-how. Polysoude uses the latest technologies for maximum quality and minimum defects: TIG/GTAW, Plasma, MIG-MAG/GMAW/FCAW, all position orbital welding and mechanised solutions.

Thanks to its worldwide presence, the experience of specialised technicians and the synergy of skills, Polysoude will take you to the highest level.

Here is Peter Westerman at Polysoude's Headquarters in France

Orbital Welding

Orbital TIG arc welding processes in evolving automation solutions - find the perfect weld!

Polysoude provides a wide standard range of orbital welding equipment "off the shelf", for orbital TIG/GTAW welding. 
Polysoude also manufactures and supplies solutions for MIG-MAG/GMAW orbital welding machines for all possible orbital welding positions, as well as mechanised solutions integrating the latest arc welding process technologies.
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The problem with hi-tech equipment is often the expensive capital outlay.
Buying a second-hand Polysoude welder can be the solution to this problem.

Purchase Used or Refurbished Polysoude welding machine from Westermans for large savings against list price.
We've specialised in supplying used and refurbished Polysoude orbital systems for many years.

Power sources * Real time data acquisition * Closed chamber welding heads * 

Open welding heads * Tube-to-tubesheet welding heads * Wire feeders * Special equipment (orbital TIG welding)

Current Models

PS 164-2
Ideal for use on site or in workshop
Full function power source "all included" with data acquisition. Portable, with full function remote control. Single phase input power source.
Process TIG/GTAW for Polysoude fusion weld heads and weld heads using cold wire

Polysoude P4
Ideal for use on site or in workshop
Intelligent power source, with automatic weld procedure and intuitive user interface. 
High precision inverter power source and latest most reliable industrial electronics. Single phase input power source.
Process TIG/GTAW for Polysoude fusion weld heads, with or without cold wire

Polysoude PS 406-2
Ideal for use in workshop
Power source with integral coolant re-circulator. High precision inverter power source for perfectly controlled heat input and weld penetration. 
Built-in AVC and torch oscillation control (OSC).
TIG/GTAW for all Polysoude weld heads and welding manipulators

Polysoude P6 / P6 HW
Ideal for use in workshop
Power source with integral coolant re-circulator. High precision inverter power source for perfectly controlled heat input and weld penetration. 
Built-in AVC and torch oscillation control (OSC). Control of peripheral devices (positioners, manipulators) for mechanised welding.
TIG/GTAW - cold wire / hot wire for all Polysoude weld heads and welding manipulators

Polysoude PC 300-TR
Precise and rapid adjustments
Precision output transistorized power source.
State-of-the-art design with multiple pulse wave from output.
Specifically engineered to weld a wide range of materials.
TIG/GTAW for all Polysoude weld heads and welding manipulators

PC 350-DC
Solves the majority of welding applications
Evolutive power source with integrated weld controller.
DC output inverter based power source.
TIG/GTAW for all Polysoude weld heads and welding manipulators

PC 375 AC/DC
Ideal for aluminium
AC/DC output inverter based power source with square wave, variable polarity output and independant weld controler.
TIG/GTAW for all Polysoude weld heads and welding manipulators

PC 600
Ideal for high productivity welding
High power. High deposition rate with the hot wire TIG process. High speed with Plasma process. Combination of welding processes. Mechanised welding and robotic solutions.
TIG/GTAW cold/hot wire and Plasma for all Polysoude weld heads and welding manipulators

For highest deposition rates
Control unit built in a protected container with interface for standard synergic MIG-MAG/GMAW power sources.
MIG-MAG/GMAW/FCAW for Polysoude weld heads and welding manipulators


Semi-conductor industry / Biochemistry / Instrumentation
Food and beverage / Pharmaceutical industry / Chemical – Sanitary industry

  • An increase of more than 30% in your productivity rate
  • As orbital welding is much less labour intensive than manual welding, a welding operator makes 30% more welds per day on average when using orbital welding equipment.
  • Since the weld presents a regular geometry without overlay it does not need to be ground or cleaned.
  • The welding operator can engage in other activities during the welding phase.
  • Low reject and repair rates.
  • Due to the repetitive aspect of the process, weld defects are less likely to occur.
  • Extremely simple to use
  • The operating process for the equipment is mastered in less than one day's training.
  • A self-programming system and standard program library are included with the power source, making it easy to adapt programs to each type of application.
  • Manufacturing methods easily adapted to the work load
  • The equipment is extremely simple to use. This means that welding teams could quickly be expanded in the case of increased demand.
  • If you do not have enough equipment to absorb your peak work loads, simply call our rental department.
  • Less space required for your installations 
  • TIG orbital welding allows you to keep ahead of competitors who still use manual welding techniques.

Aeronautics – Aerospace / Defence

  • Various application fields
  • Transportation of liquids (hydraulic, carburant)
  • Propulsion systems (Nuclear and conventional)
  • Measuring systems
  • Instrumentation
  • Increased lifespan through high quality cladding
  • Mechanical construction – heavy wall high resistance welds 
  • Materials that improve the characteristics and lifespan of your products 
  • The implementation of adapted automatic welding processes enables to control and limit the amount of heat input required. 
  • Permanent control of the heat input 
  • The principle of the entire weld control avoid as much as possible the deformations. You can adapt the welding program to each individual situation. Torch movements, welding current and wire speed, for example, may be synchronised.
  • The best quality – repeatedly 
  • In automatic welding, repetitive quality is absolute. Thus there will be no manufacturing flaws.
  • A minimum number of rejects and repairs 
  • Thanks to the excellent repeatability of the automatic welding process, rejects can be reduced to a minimum. The high adaptability of our equipment and software packages enables you to weld various components using the same equipment.

Thermal transfer equipment – boiler
Thermal transfer equipment – heat exchangers
Nuclear applications
Power generation / Petrochemical industry

  • TIG hot wire increases the deposit rate by more than 3:1
  • Compared to TIG cold wire orbital, TIG hot wire orbital welding is particularly advantageous for medium and heavy wall thicknesses. 
  • Combined advantages of TIG hot wire and narrow gap techniques
  • The combined effect of increased deposit rate and reduced bevel angle, allows a significant rise in productivity compared with an open bevel angle in TIG cold wire application.
  • The right welding procedures
  • The "large bevel" welding technique is quite flexible
  • Standard preparations used for TIG cold wire welding are generally large bevel preparations such as V or J grooves.
  • Welding with oscillation and single layer passes is used where the wall thickness is less than 20 mm.
  • Welding with a large bevel is advantageous as it can support many different configurations and applications. Mixed bevel types (i.e. elbow joints) can also be used with this type of preparation.
  • Welding with "narrow gap" preparation (NG) gives an important increase in productivity
  • This rise in productivity is achieved by decreasing the amount of weld metal to be deposited. If we compare the weld volume of a narrow gap bevel to a classic preparation type 37° compound bevel on a 60 mm wall thickness pipe, this gives a volume saving in favour of narrow gap by a factor of 1:3. 
  • The only way to do internal bore welds, on double plates or at the back side of the Tube-sheet (Petrochemical ind.)
  • Our equipment makes it possible to weld in confined spaces, thus optimizing layout designs.

Pipeline laying 

  • Small, medium and large series part assembly
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