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Built for the harshest conditions, Nordic manufacturer Kemppi supply equipment for the most common types of arc welding; stick (MMA) welding, MIG/MAG welding (GMAW), and TIG welding (GTAW). Arc welding processes may be manual, semi-automatic, mechanised or automated.

We buy and sell Kemppi MIG welders and Kemppi TIG welders follow this links for a filtered search.  Multi process welders are very popular by this Finnish manufacturer who believe usability is key to a good machine, stripping out unnecessary features to make life easy for the welding operator.

  • Headquarters in Lahti, Finland
  • Offices in 16 countries and the APAC hub in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Two production plants in Lahti, Finland, and one in Chennai, India
  • Distributors in over 60 countries
  • Clients worldwide: regular exported to over 70 different countries

Kemppi Arc Welding can be used with any material that conducts electricty. Arc Welding is the most common joining technology in steel constructs in the world. Arc welding is a fabrication process that uses an electric arc, which is formed between the electrode and the workpiece, to join the metals being welded.
The source of heat in arc welding is produced by the power source. When welding, filler metal is usually needed. Two types of filler metals commonly used in arc welding are welding rods and electrodes.

Today, there are various arc welding processes which have their own applications. Kemppi Welding supply equipment for the most common types of arc welding; stick (MMA) welding, MIG/MAG welding (GMAW), and TIG welding (GTAW). Arc welding processes may be manual, semi-automatic, mechanised or automated.



Kemppi Arc welding has a more concrete presence in our surroundings than you might at first think. It is used by ship, car, and train builders, machine manufacturers, steel frame builders, and pipe makers among others. Modern-day welding and its management are increasingly about digits managed via the cloud, the web, and software, and that's where Kemppi steps in, too. To find out more about Kemppi Cloud and Software innovations follow this link.

If purchasing a new Kemppi welding machine is out of your budget it imay be worth considering a pre-used Kemppi machine. View the large stock of used and refurbished Kemppi welding machines above all sold with warranty.

Kemppi Welding Equipment Models

MIG/MAG welding > Compact machines 

Kempact™ MIG
The MIG welding unit with diverse features and plenty of welding power, but still very lightweight. Easy to carry to the welding site and trouble-free to use.

Kempact™ Pulse
Efficient synergic MIG/MAG machine equipped with pulse and double pulse features for welding aluminum and other materials. 

A well-known MIG/MAG welding equipment product line representing all you need in welding: effortless usability, efficiency, and reliability. 

MinarcMig™ Adaptive
The MIG welding machine represents award-winning design and usability for every welder. Adaptive control and long cables make it easier to use than ever before. 

FitWeld 300
A tough and robust MIG/MAG machine for tacking and welding in demanding environments.

MIG/MAG welding > MIG welding sets - basic

FastMig™ Basic Models
Lightweight and powerful equipment for basic MIG/MAG welding. The detachable wire feed unit provides reach and the digital display improves control. 

A series of first-class performance MIG/MAG welding machines that increase welding productivity through good reach and ease-of-use.

MIG/MAG welding > MIG welding sets - synergic

FastMig™ Synergic Models

A MIG/MAG welding device with extremely versatile features for industrial use. Synergic controls and an extensive range of welding programs make using the device easy and efficient.

Kemppi Pro Evolution
A modular welding system equipped with a digital control system for demanding professional MIG/MAG use.

MIG/MAG welding > MIG welding sets - high-tech

Kemppi Pro Evolution 3200 Automotive
The Kemppi Pro Evolution system designed for automotive manufacture. Modular design with multiple power source and control panel options. 

FastMig Pulse 350/450
Professional MIG/MAG welding machines equipped with features that give the welder full control of the welding machine. 

TIG welding > AC/DC TIG welding

MasterTig AC/DC 3500W
A powerful TIG welding machine suitable for all types of materials, with many functions and several control panel options. 

MasterTig MLS™ ACDC
A versatile line of products for the TIG welding of aluminium and stainless steel and for MMA welding. Suitable for both manual and mechanised welding. 

TIG welding > DC TIG welding 

The marvel of the welding market. Small but effective machine, which includes all basic properties required in TIG and MMA welding–and even more in specially equipped MLP models.

MasterTig MLS
Diverse DC TIG welding. This product series offers devices of several power levels and a wide range of possibilities, and their sturdy construction can endure even the roughest handling. 

Kemppi Pro Evolution (TIG)
A detachable TIG ignition unit for professional use representing the well-known Kemppi Pro quality. Precise welding parameter control and a diverse selection of functions. 

MMA welding > MMA welding machines 

Kemppi Pro Evolution (MMA)

The multi-process power sources representing the well-known Kemppi Pro brand bring a professional feel to MMA welding. 

Master MLS
A powerful MMA welding machine for all electrode types. Excellent arc features and durable design. 

Master MMA
Strong and powerful welding inverter suitable for all types of MMA welding, but also for many other applications.

MasterTig MLS™ ACDC
A versatile line of products for the TIG welding of aluminium and stainless steel and for MMA welding. Suitable for both manual and mechanised welding. 

The little giant of MMA welding that astounded the welding world. The Minarcs are known of their stable arc and easy controllability.

With a legacy of designing welding products for brutal conditions - be it hot and humid or artic conditions - these welding machines have a long track record to help the welder improve productivity and reduce welding production costs.  You can't go wrong. 
We have a large amount of resources on our blog, including 5 tips for welding aluminium, Guide to welding Stainless Steel and many more.

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