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Used automatic Weld Overlay Cladding systems are now affordable to worldwide businesses.  

Corrosion is an issue in many heavy duty industrial sectors so find out why you should invest in this important welding application here in our Blog

Heavy machinery used for excavation, valves on oil and gas pipelines and many other parts that are exposed to corrosive or wear environments need corrective measures often in the form of weld overlay.

Weld cladding systems are very specialised and only available from a few of the top manufacturers in the world.  The weld overlay automatic plant is designed for the wledhead manufacturers in the oil, gas and nuclear industries and we have been lucky to supply used units to in the UK, Middle East and Far East.  Fronius we know lead the way with technology along with PEC (Power Electronics & Controls)  Backed by excellent research, technicians and engineers we can support any used automatic welding systems we sell.  

Weld overlay is a type of cladding. During the welding process to melt a material onto the surface of another, and a different material giving added protection on the base material from further wear or corrosive elements.

Weld Cladding is a cost effective way to enhance a material's surface properties.  No need to use the expensive materials to make the entire composition of the base materials when you can clad a layer instead.

Pipe Cladding is the procedure to protect internal piping from high-pressure corrosive fluids through specialist weld overlay pipe cladding. The process prevents corrosion and damage to pipe systems and avoids potential repair and replacement issues.

Specialist fabrication to prevent corrosion at critical points in aggressive environments are tackled by weld overlay these with a harder more expensive material. Care must be taken though to choose a compatible material in which to overlay to avoid further failure.

Other types of welding processes can be used for weld overlay include CMT, shielded metal arc welding SMAW, GMAW and submerged arc welding.

Popular applications for many different materials and components are in sectors such as pipelines, valves and excavation equipment. As Weld clad components can increase the lifespan of a fabrication by protecting the internal and external surfaces providing cost savings through reduced downtime and maintenance costs.

Weld cladding is typically between 2 and about 20 mm thick. It can be applied using a variety of welding processes including manual metal arc (MMA), gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), gas metal arc welding (GMAW), submerged arc welding (SAW), flux cored arc welding (FCAW), plasma transferred arc welding (PTAW) and laser deposition.

Read a more in depth explantion of the Weld Cladding application from the TWI

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