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F Bode produce British engineered products including Welding Positioners, Turning Rotators and Column and Boom welders. Bode Welding & Positioning machinery is synonymous with Quality.

We can supply you a Used or Refurbished Bode machine and customise it to suit your needs - all at an affordable price. Adding current top branded models of TIG, Plasma welding or Submerged Arc welding equipment to Boom manipulators or a Bode Longitudinal seam welder is a great combination of equipment and even better investment.

The British brand - Bode Welding, Positioning and Handling Machinery is world renowned

Supplying well made machinery is paramount to our first class reputation. Which is the number one reason we buy and sell Bode welding machines

Bode equipment is of the best UK quality - a truly reliable brand built to last. 

Most positioning machines are refurbished to order. This gives you the customer a great looking and fully serviced machine as a fraction of the cost of a new one. With our own warranty you will get the added peace of mind.These are also available for fast delivery and normally despatched with 7-10 days of ordering.

F Bode & Sons have a reputation to build an over engineered British machine - the very best on the market.
You can source cheaper machines but you will regret it. Remember this is first class engineering and brought up to date with new electrics and control units.

Maybe you have a Bode positioner or Column and Boom manipulator that is a bit out of date and looking tired?
Need a make-over to bring in line with current legistlation and top class performance? We can help you with that and provide a Loan machine during the process. Ask the Sales Team for more details.

See the youtube video showing a clients machine from start to finish of the refurbishment procedure here.

F Bode Models of Machinery

Bode Positioner

Bode welding positioners improve the efficiency of your welder and project. Models range from 250kg up to 10,000kg capacity. By securing and positioning work pieces that need welding allowing a full 360 degree spin or rotation of the part it will reduce the time and effort of the welder as they can remain in one position on a safe and flat surface. Models made are 1/V.5 1/VP.8 1/VP.10 2/P.10

Bode Head And Tailstock

Head and Tail stock made by Bode are designed to provide full rotational acces along wht horizontal axis for positioning long and heavy weldments with large offsets.  Bode Head and Tail stocks can be rail mounted to accommodate varying part lengths.  Models of H&T stocks include H.T. 5 H.T. 10 H.T. 20 H.T. 40 H.T. 60 H.T. 80 H.T. 100 H.T. 120 H.T. 150 H.T. 200 H.T. 300 H.T. 400

Bode Lathe Type Positioners

Bode welding lathe machines are designed for fully automated repetitive manufacture or for individual components.  Bode lathe machines cover a wide rnage of circumferential welding needs with MIG, TIG or SAW capability.  Models of Bode Lathe type positioners are H.T. 5 H.T. 10 H.T. 20 H.T. 40 H.T. 60 H.T. 80 H.T. 100 H.T. 120 H.T. 150 H.T. 200 H.T. 300 H.T. 400 and combine automation with easy set-up for accuracy. 

Bode Rotilting Welding Positioners

The Bode rotilting positioner rotates and tilts at the same time allowing greater access to the work piece in the quickest time. The variable speed table and the motorised table tilting both through 360 degrees. Bode models included are 5VH/A 10VH/A 10VP/A 20VH/A 20VP/A 30VH/A 30VP/A 40VP/A 50VP/A.  These models have a lower carrying capacity and range from 250kg up to 2500kg.

Bode Rotators

Bode CR Conventional Welding Rotators
The models of Bode Conventional Rotators are always preceeded with the letters CR.  Models range from 2000kg up to the heaviest duty at 600,000kg. Supplied with a powered unit (drive) and 1 or more idler units depending on the length and weight of the vessel being welded.  They are designed to aid the welding of cylidridcal vessels by using the drive and idler wheels as support whilst turning.  The wheels can be adjusted manually on the base frame to accommodate the different vessel diameters.

Bode Self Aligning Welding Rotators

If you buy Self Aligning rotators they adjust autmatically to the size of the vessel.  More complex and therefore more money than the conventional type, the self aligning models allow a pipe or vessel to be placed on the rotators and the wheels will automatically align themselves, regardless of any ovality or diameter dimension variation. Bode SAR models range from 3000kg up  to 600,000kg  - SAR 60 100 200 300 400 500 600 800 1000 1200 1600 2000 2400 3000 4000 5000 6000 8000 10000 12000

Bode Seam Welder

Seam welders are ideal for welding steel tubing and create particularly stong welds on cylindrical vessels.  The Bode seam welder provides an automatic, even weld and is ideal for when a seam is going to be visible as it looks much cleaner.  It is progressive welding continuously from one end to the other.  We can add various applications to the seam welding including TIG, MIG and Plasma welding.  A number of Bode seam welder models are double ended and have the added bonus that two different sized vessels could be welded at the same time or the same size speeding up the process.

Bode Column and Boom

Bode Column and Boom welders are designed to move the weld head over the workpiece.  Also known as a welding maniupulator in some countries, the C&B welders are often used in conjunction with a set of rotators or a welding positioner.  A welding head can be positioned on the end of the boom giving a stable and secure weld of a vessel in a down hand weld. The welding process fitted is often MIG or SubArc

  • 1/RMB Free Standing Base 1/TRMB Traversing Carriage Portable
  • 2/RMB Free Standing Base 2/TRMB Traversing Carriage Middleweight
  • 3/RMB Free Standing Base 3/TRMB Traversing Carriage Medium Duty
  • RC Free Standing Base TRC Traversing Carriage Universal Manipulator
  • 1/RC Free Standing Base 1/TRC Traversing Carriage Heavy Duty
  • 1/RCX Free Standing Base 1/TRCX Traversing Carriage Extra Heavy Duty
  • 2/RCX Free Standing Base 2/RCX Traversing Carriage Very Heavy Duty
  • 3/RCX Free Standing Base 3/RCX Traversing Carriage Ultra Heavy Duty
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