This welding positioner makes awkward, heavy duty jobs easy.

To get ultimate productivity, your welders need to be able to focus on the work. Having to constantly change their position, especially with a larger workpiece, is a huge distraction – plus the time wasted!

This is where a welding positioner or manipulator becomes your go to, can’t live without piece of kit.

Our Machine of the Week is the Bode 150VP 7.5 ton welding positioner.

Key Features:

  • Variable speed and power tilt, flexible manipulation for all positions.
  • Pendant control operated for ultimate ease of use.
  • Optional accessory of 1000mm chuck for gripping the workpiece.
  • 3 ph. 50/60Hz input supply.
  • Complete with 6 month warranty package.

*note – idlers pictured are not included.

What are the benefits of a welding positioner?

  • Allow for handling of the workpiece in all positions – leaving the welder to focus on the job.
  • Increased, repeatable weld quality.
  • More productive and efficient working environment due to the welder not having to navigate the workpiece.
  • Safer working conditions due to increased concentration from the welder and proper equipment designed for handling heavy material. Eliminates the requirement to “botch” a stand or holding device from standard, workshop tools.
  • Can be used for both manual and mechanised applications.
  • Suitable for use with all welding processes (TIG, MIG, SAW etc.).

To learn more, take a look at this article from popular online welding publication
Or watch the video below from our YouTube channel, demonstrating one in action with a mechanised, column and boom submerged arc welding set up.

Whether you are in the UK or Overseas, when you choose to buy from Westermans you will receive five star service. Giving you peace of mind that not only will you receive the equipment you need, but it will be in full working order with an after sales service that supports you throughout the lifetime of the machine.

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