Longitudinal Welding

ESAB offers complete solutions for longitudinal pipe mills including tack welding, ID welding and OD welding.

Tack welding equipment (MAG welding in forming station)
The tack welding equipment consists of a heavy duty welding torch for MAG welding equipped with a gas nozzle for high-flow gas protection. The feeding of the welding wire is handled by a push-pull system, equipped with ESAB’s well-known A6 VEC motors. The power sources used are two 1600A welding rectifiers, connected in parallel.

The ID welding station features an 18.5-meter-long internal boom for vertical operation in 20 inch diameter pipes. A 4-wire welding head is mounted at the tip of the boom. The welding head has a laser joint-tracking system which activates a slide cross with a 60×60 mm stroke. The welding head also has a support wheel to stabilize the ID boom against the pipe. The wire feeding system is of the “push-pull” type, motors being mounted at the welding head and at the rear of the boom.

ID longitudinal welding

The OD welding station is built on a semi-stationary column and boom supporting a 5-wire welding head. As the space for the welding head on the OD station is not so limited the wire feeders are mounted in a “rainbow” configuration enabling the wireliners between the contact nozzles and wire feed motors being straight.

The earthing system for both the internal and external welding stations are of a brush rack system. Each rack has 12 brushes and are held against the pipe by means of a pneumatic column & boom. After each completed weld, the rack with brushes are lifted up so that the pipe can be transported away from the welding station.

 OD welding station

Longitudinal welding can be undertaken using various welding processes, MIG, TIG,  plasma (PAW) and submerged arc (SAW).

Used in applications such as pipe welding, water tanks, boilers, cryogenic tanks and storage tanks, heat exchangers and semi conductor.

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