Is Orbital Tig Welding For You? Here Are Some Benefits

What are the benefits of orbital welding in comparison to manual TIG welding? Have you ever wondered if this process would benefit your business?

The truth is it isn’t right for all TIG welding applications, but only you can answer that question!

Polysoude Open Head Weld

Here are some points to consider:

  • Orbital welding produces repeatable, reliable and higher purity welds, with more control throughout the welding process.
  • The learning process is fairly short compared to manual TIG welding, which can take years to master.
  • It allows welding of joints that manual welders are prevented from reaching to fulfil complete welds.
  • Much improved weld bead smoothness.
  • Greater corrosion resistance.
  • Improved strength and weld integrity for applications in industries such as aerospace, petrochemical engineering, food and beverage, nuclear engineering and bio-engineering.

You can see a direct comparison between manual welding and orbital welding of re-heater and and super-heater tubes in a power plant factory here on Arc Machine’s website.

Although a mechanised process, orbital welding is far from being a ‘robot’ process replacing the workforce – operators and welders are still required. However they are an easy tool for a beginner and an advanced tool for an experienced operator to produce reliable, repeatable and excellent quality welds.

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  2. So many different types of welding, I’m glad to learn more when I can.
    I’m trying to figure out what kind of welder to rent for a project I’ve got coming up, and this is just the exact type of information I’m looking for.
    Thanks for sharing!

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    • Westermans says:

      Hi Tobias
      I see you are based in the Daytona area.
      Sorry we can’t help with rental to the USA due to T&Cs but can certainly sell you an Orbital system if you are interested?
      Let us know once you’ve done your research.

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