New and Refurbished Seam Welders For Sale

Europe's largest stock of new and used seam welding machines for longitudinal, circumferential and resistance welding.

Seam welder machines increase productivity and performance for cylindrical welding applications. Commonly used for steel tube and pipe welding, ducting and cone welding. Seam welders are used for welding vessels in industries like ventilation and tank manufacturing.

We offer bespoke solutions for linear seam welding, adding new or used welding equipment depending on your needs.

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What is a seam welder?

There are three main types of seam welding machines:

  • longitudinal welding seamers
  • circumferential seam welders
  • resistance seam welders

Which you would use would depend on your job. Long seam welding machines, or linear seam welders, are used for straight line welding. Used alongside an arc welding power source for MIG, TIG and plasma welding. Circumferential seam welders are a circumferential welding solution for items like bellows. As well as applications like dished end welding. Again this process utilises an arc welding power source. Whereas resistance seam welding uses mechanical force between two electrodes, like spot welding. Resistance seam welding is ideal for welding exterior seams, like those on exhausts.

What is the seam welding process?

Seam welding is the joining of two metal workpieces in a continuous seam. A seam welder can weld either internally or externally, and is ideal for production welding where weld quality and finish are essential. Butt welding and spot welding can also be known as seam welding.

Applications for seam welding.

Seam welding is a process of welding a seam in sheet metal, either by butting or overlapping joints. Seam welding is commonly used for manufacturing cylindrical or rectangular tube and pipe. As well as other conical workpieces. These include items such as cryogenic vessels, ducting, and exhaust fabrication. As well as copper cylinders, boilers, and tanks for industries like ship building. Automatic seam welders also make great tin can seam welding machines.

Advantages of using a seam welder.

The advantage of using a seam welder machine enables the joining of two workpieces without tack welding. This includes applications for both flat plates or cylindrical vessels. Seam welders give the welding operator repeatability at the touch of a button. Ensuring the greatest production efficiency, saving time and money.

Seam welder manufacturers.

We buy and sell brands we trust to perform. ProArc have supplied our range of new seamers for over 15 years. Preferred manufacturers of used seam welders include Jetline, Bode, Gullco, Sciaky, & Meritus. See the demo video above using a New ProArc longitudinal seam welding machine. These are TIG weld samples with 0.5/1.0mm stainless steel cans. Purchased package is an LS-15 welding seamer with Tweco Arcmaster 301TS DC TIG set and robotic torch.

In stock are a variety of longitudinal and circumferential seam welding machines. New and used machines with varying clamping lengths and diameter ranges to suit your needs. We can supply the weld seamer alone, or offer a bespoke solution with additional welding equipment. Click here to view our shipping and after-sales support information.


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