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Hire Pipe Rotators from Westermans - Large Fleet for immediate Rental

New And Used Welding Pipe Rotators for HIRE

Turning rolls are used for rolling, turning and positioning for applications including small oil and gas pipe, wind towers, enormous pressure vessels and more. 

Tank turning rollers, pipe rolls and vessel rotators are a necessity for light and heavy duty pipe or vessel welding applications. Whether you are positioning small diameter pipe or turning extremely large industrial vessels that will help you work safely and efficiently.

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Welding rotators are also referred to as pipe rotators, turning rolls or tank rollers

Welding rotators are used predominately in the petrol chemical industry, onshore and off shore oil and gas industries, conventional power and nuclear industries and many other fabrication industries where pipes or vessel required to be rotated for semi or automatic welding processes.  They come in two distinctive types - Self aligning and Conventional rotators.

Both welding rotator types can be equipped with integral bogies or mounted on bogies to enable the rotator sections to be driven along a track way.

Welding rotators nominally come in sets or pairs consisting of a drive section and free wheeling idler section.


rollers for hire self aligning rotators rental

Self aligning Rotators


Self aligning rotators have three advantages over conventional rotators:

  1. The self aligning feature of the wheel brackets allows the wheels to automatically align themselves when a pipe or vessel is loaded onto the sections, irrespective of ovality, to accommodate any diameter within their range.
    With conventional rotators, the wheel brackets have to be adjusted manually across the frames to accommodate the varying diameters within their range.
  2. The top rollers of the self aligning rotators incorporate either clutches to allow the top roller to free wheel or can be free wheeling to allow a vessel to be loaded onto the sections without any fear of damage to the transmission drive through negligent loading of a vessel.
    Conventional rollers do not incorporate clutches so damage may occur to the transmission drive if a vessel is loaded negligently on the rollers.
  3. With self aligning rotators, the vessel or pipe is supported on 4 wheels which help to maintain positive rotation especially when accounting for weld beads on the vessel and are less likely to indent the vessel when supporting thinner wall vessels.

Conventional Rotators

Conventional rotators are now built in all capacities up to 2000 tonnes and are ideal where rotating larger diameter thick walled nuclear reactor vessels and steam generators.

conventional rotators for hire








Westermans can supply tank fit-up rollers and vessel rotators for short or long term hire. We also sell new or used welding equipment, including pipe rolls, industrial footswitches, used tank fit-up rolls, and used vessel rolls. If you have an application requiring specifications that you do not see in the advertised options, please contact us for information on custom built pipe rolls and vessel rotators to suit your application.


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Call +44 (0)116 2696941 


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