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Messer Cutting Systems Used and Refurbished for Sale Worldwide

Messer MG provide flame, plasma and laser cutting equipment around the world for the metalworking manufacturing industry. See the range of Messer profie cutting machines below.

Messer Cutting Systems provide the metalworking and engineering industries with the best solution for their manufacturing requirements.

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Messer MG have been providing gas flame, plasma and laser cutting equipment for over 40 years, but the family business has been manufacturing welding and associated equipment for over 100 years in total with representation now in over 120 countries around the world. Now heavily involved in the gas supply industry which you can read more here 



History of Messer, Germany
1898 - Adolf Messer forms the Frankfurter Acetylen-Gas-Gesellschaft Messer & Cie. in Höchst for the production of acetylene developers and light fittings.

1903 - Ernst Wiss develops the first hydrogen-oxygen cutting torch at Griesheim-Elektron. These are followed by machines and equipment for gas welding technology.

1908 - Chemische Fabrik Griesheim Elektron begins operation of its first oxygen plant.

1965 - Birth of Messer Griesheim GmbH under Hans Messer. Merger of Adolf Messer GmbH with parts of Knapsack-Griesheim AG from Hoechst.

 - World-wide first CNC and Laser cutting machine on market.

 - Founding of the production and sales units in Menomonee Falls, USA and Kunshan, China.

 - The company celebrates its 100th anniversary.

2000 - Founding of the MEC Holding by merging of Messer Cutting & Welding GmbH and the Eutectic Castolin Group.

2004 - The Messer family again owns 100% of the company.

2005 - Messer launch their state of the art European distribution centre.

2007 - New general manager appointed to Messer Cutting Systems (UK)

Current Messer Cutting Systems

Compact motor driven oxyfuel gas cutting machine for straight, curve, circle, bevel and multi-bevel flame cuts (up to 300mm).
Portacut Quicky "E"
The Quicky E makes oxyfuel gas cutting easy. Simple to handle, virtually anyone can learn to use this small, hand-held oxyfuel cutting machine in no time at all. 
Quicky "E" ProBlade  New
World´s first global entry model ProBlade gives you easy admission into the World of Excellence!.
ProBlade SpCutter
Perfect for small workshops, colleges, in fact anywhere where a small footprint is essential.
SpCutter SlabCutter
Designed and built in the UK with robust construction, easy operation and high quality.
SlabCutter PipeCutter
Developed in the UK the PipeCutter is based on a heavy duty steel box section frame. The machine length can be manufactured to suit your required pipe length, up to 20 metres.
PipeCutter MetalMaster®
Positive bilateral longitudinal drives and precisely machined guiding profiles provide high cutting accuracy and contouring precision.
MetalMaster MultiThermEco
Efficient cutting productivity due to a high level of automation and easy set-up and operation produces quality components - quickly and efficiently. 
MultiTherm-Eco MultiTherm®
The 35 m/min high power drives give fast positioning and accurate cuts, even around fine contours.
MultiTherm OmniMat®
The CNC cutting machine with sturdy portal design, positive bilateral longitudinal drives and precisely machine guiding profiles provides you high cutting accuracy and contouring precision.
OmniMat LaserMat®
The CNC controlled, high dynamic multi process laser cutting system offers you highly precise parts due to linear guide ways for longitudinal and transverse drives.



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