Welding Surface Preparation Tools For Pipe & Tube

Westermans supply a large range of tools for welding surface preparation and edge preparation. With new and used tools available, you're sure to find the right tool in our selection below for all your pipe and tube needs.

These products compliment the range of new and refurbished orbital welders and welding machines we supply to carry out the weld prep on any size tube or pipe.

In the field of welding, irrespective of the process used, when we examine what is needed for making a top-quality welded joint, preparation is an operation that is often neglected. Browse our selection here or read our Blog to improve your welding joint.

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Normally investments are made on what concerns the welding operation itself, unfortunately without taking account of any prior operations. But, this is a field where investment can be a source of substantial savings. Even now, certain preparatory operations for welding are done with a grinding wheel or other equally unsuitable tools. Poor preparation will affect the end quality of the weld and lead to rejects, breakage or even leaks in use if defects are not detected in time.

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Westermans buy the widest range of used medium to heavy duty industrial welding and fabrication equipment from around the world.

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