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Refurbished Welding Fume Extraction Equipment At Affordable Prices

We supply Refurbished and New Welding Fume Extractors from a variety of leading manufacturers.

Save time and money by buying secondhand fume extraction systems– with over 50 years in the industry and a warranty with every purchase, you can trust Westermans when it comes to high-quality Fume Welding Extraction equipment.

We are always looking to buy used fume extraction systems, please offer, sell or swap if you have Nederman, Kemper or Plymovent.

Welding can create hazardous fumes that can be dangerous for the welder working, therefore fume extractors are a must in order for work to be carried out safely. Certain fumes can cause cancer and other long term effects and as much as possible should be done in order to cut down on these risks.

Why are welding fume extractors necessary?

Chemicals in the fumes given off when welding can cause all sorts of health issues, from irritation and bronchitis in the short term to lung cancer and chronic respiratory problems after longer exposure. Heart disease, skin disease and other horrible illnesses can also be caused by the fumes given off.

These chemicals cause problems because the fumes they give off are toxic. Some of these chemicals are cancer causing and include arsenic and nickel.

Other fumes are formed from the ultraviolet radiation produced by the welding mixing with the natural air chemicals, such as oxygen and nitrogen. This can form ozone and nitrogen oxides which, after a large amount has formed, can be deadly.

Fume extractors rapidly cut down these risks by taking away the imposing fumes before it can be breathed in. This reduces the exposure to the chemicals, and so lowers the chance of any irritating or serious medical conditions that could arise.

Health and safety measures in the work place, such as welding fume extraction equipment, can increase the strength and productivity of your workforce by reducing the current 160 hour average yearly sick leave of a welder.

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