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New & Used Stud Welders & Stud Welding Equipment With Warranty

We supply a broad selection of Stud Welding machines - whether you’re looking to buy a new or refurbished machine, you can make great savings today with Westermans. Warranty is included with every machine.

So if you are looking for a drawn arc or capacity discharge stud welder browse the selection below.  We also supply a range of New Stud welding machines offering our customers a wider choice.

Our Purchasing team are continually searching for large, heavy duty stud welders. Sell it - Swap it.  If you have a machine gathering dust, make use of the money today. We make fast decisions and even faster payments.

Stud Welding is a process that welds a stud to another piece of metal. It’s a type of spot welding which welds a fastener to a piece of metal instantly.

The use of these fasteners allow for building of many various types of items used in daily life, such as bridges and buildings, as well as specialist equipment and in construction.

Why do we need stud welders?

Stud welders are one of the most economical ways of fastening components. It only takes a second to weld a fastener to a piece of metal and the price for a stud can be quite low.

The welds created by stud welding are very strong and it leaves no marks.

Types of stud welding methods in everyday use:

  • DA – Drawn arc
  • CD – Capacitive discharge
  • SC – Short cycle
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