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Why is AC used on aluminium TIG welding?

Why use AC when TIG Welding Aluminium?

What Is Aluminium Welding with Alternating Current (AC)?  We all know that AC/DC isn’t just the name of a hard rock band* but that it also stands for alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). But what is alternating current really all about? What does it have to do with aluminium? Continue reading

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Machinery Asset Management – clear out

Accumulation of Obsolete, Surplus Equipment?

Every organisation has  stock or assets which are of no further use. These can be simply the materials which are no longer in demand or the specific plant purchased to complete the project.

Machinery Asset Management
Redundant plant and equipment occupies space which could be better utilised for storing other items. Machinery not likely to be ever used again in the manufacturing process are classified as dead inventory. It may consist of various items like unused assets, obsolete, surplus inventory, deteriorated stock, scrap and waste materials etc. Continue reading

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Westerman’s BWMA Final Round MX

Final Round 2018
British Womens Motocross Championship

The 2018 season has not always gone to plan with issues with transponders, flooding, droughts and not forgetting some serious injuries. One thing is certain, Westermans International made the right investment to remain title Sponsors of such an exciting Championship. Continue reading

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Not just welding fumes are dangerous

Chemicals, Fumes, Dust and Particles are Hazards for Everyone

We spend a lot of our time indoors; the average person spends about 90% of their time in buildings. Therefore pollutants in the air we breathe indoors are a major contributor to our lifetime exposure to air pollutants. In buildings (and vehicles) we are exposed to pollutants released to the outdoors, such as traffic exhaust fumes, that enter buildings through purposeful ventilation and other air ingress. In addition we are exposed to a wide range of pollutants generated indoors.

But what happens when your job also exposes you to hazards in the air?

Welding and Engineering fumes are dangerous but other chemicals or particles can harm many other employees. As a business owner it is your responsibility to protect staff and provide Clean Air and personal protective equipment. Continue reading

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Plasma cutting – then and now

How Plasma Cutting has Developed

Not long ago, plasma cutting was the domain of seasoned metal fabrication veterans who knew just how to tweak gas settings and adjust torch height to get the best cut on a plasma cutting table. Today many of the highly trained technicians have left the shop floor.

Esprit HD Plasma 4070

What is left is the plasma cutting system, which in many cases still provides a quality cut but without the expertise needed to guide the machine.

Continue reading

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