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New technology:
The fast paced world we live in today is great news for evolving technologies and processes emerging onto the market.

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2019 BWMA Championship

Westermans International Ltd, for the 3rd year in a row, have sponsored The British Women’s Motocross Championship 2019

28th April is the first round at North Nibley when British girls will race in both Senior and Youth classes for the 2019 season.

Last year’s champion, Chelsea Gowland riding a new Redline Honda on loan from one of her sponsors will be defending her title and the chance to win £1500 top prize money.

As a dangerous sport there are a number of girls who cannot compete this year due to injuries sustained through motocross. We wish them all a speedy recovery and look forward to welcoming them back next season.

Chelsea Gowland with Craig Westerman

To find out more about the championship, fixtures, prize money and results you can sign up to the WMXraceronline

You can also follow BWMA on Facebook

Thank you to all families, friends, Vicky and Howard Marriott for committing time and energy so that these dedicated girls now have a chance of entering the European Championships.

Vicky, Chelsea and Howard

If you are interested in sponsoring an individual rider or the part of the BWMA please get in touch. There are some great advertising benefits to be had around the country.

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Abbott Pressure Vessels Enhanced

Henry Price, Managing Director of Nottinghamshire-based Abbott & Co. (Newark) Ltd., is clear about the value of the refurbished welding and machining equipment available from Westermans International.

“Our work with Westermans International enables us to integrate new technology into the manufacture of our full range of pressure vessels in a very cost effective way – enhancing the performance and value of our service to customers.”

Henry Price, Abbott & Co (Newark) Ltd

Abbott & Co, which can trace its origins back to 1836, has worked closely with Westermans International since the Leicester-based company started offering refurbished equipment in the early 1960’s. Throughout this time, the organisation has grown its range of pressure vessels – including air receivers and surge vessels alongside other equipment such as heat exchangers – and prides itself on its British-made heritage, the quality of each unit and its ability to match solutions to exact customer needs.

“Importantly, Westermans is able to supply equipment that is central to our range of manufacturing processes and which not only fulfils specific operational needs, but does so at a fraction of the cost of new equipment,” continues Henry Price. “This means that we can continuously look to utilise advanced technology while maintaining a level of service and competitiveness that is at the heart of our success.”

Henry Price highlights two specific examples of equipment at Abbott & Co’s premises as good examples of these points in practice. The company operates an Esprit H2500 CNC plasma cutter which enables the efficient cutting out of pressure vessel shells to meet the varying design codes specified by customers. The company also operates a boom circle cutter system to create holes in pressure vessels that meet the requirements of a range of key industry standards including EN13445, PD5500 and ASME design codes.

At the same time, he highlights other purchases including a horizontal band saw and manipulator that have all helped Abbott & Co to expand both its capabilities and capacities – and all of which, he says, have been underscored by excellent service and support from Westermans.

Having built our own success on sourcing, refurbishing and supplying equipment that ranges from welding systems to a long list of associated units such as cutting and positioning stations our worldwide contacts underpin our ability to procure proven, good quality equipment – which typically becomes available as organisations look to expand or enhance their own capabilities. Once refurbished, we either supply immediately to meet a particular customer’s bespoke specification or place into stock to accommodate future demand, carrying out the refurbishment once ordered. With over 400 units available for immediate delivery both throughout the UK and overseas – this is key to our business.

Abbott & Co is an excellent example of a customer that is not only gaining from our services and approach but which also benefits from the building of a long term, trusted relationship that can meet its ongoing requirements over time.

We are delighted to be able to contribute to Abbott & Co’s long term and ongoing success.

Visit the website for more information on Abbott & Co. (Newark) Ltd and Pressure Vessels

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ProArc Distributorship Agreement UK + Ireland

New Westermans ProArc Distribution Agreement broadens UK and Ireland Opportunities

We are enhancing our services to customers in both the home and international markets with a sole UK and Ireland distributorship agreement for the ProArc range of cutting, welding and associated systems. Although a supplier into worldwide markets of equipment from the Taiwanese manufacturer for some 25 years, this latest move is set to strengthen availability and choice to our customers in the UK and Ireland, while also providing support where needed for the company’s European sales activity.

“ProArc has a well-established reputation in its field for high quality and value for money solutions – including welding systems, CNC drilling machines, CNC cutting machines and welding automation units – that are of note for many small and medium sized operations such as those involved in sheet metal applications,” says Mark Reaney, Westermans’ Technical Director who is pictured above at the ProArc facility.

“Because we are now able to underline our ability to provide solutions in this sector, we will not only enhance services to our own customers, but also strengthen ProArc’s own sales, especially in the UK and Ireland,” he adds. For some years we have focused on seam welding applications which, he believes, will help ProArc achieve greater success in these key markets.

We have built a leading reputation worldwide for the supply of carefully sourced and refurbished welding and associated equipment alongside sales of selected new systems. Although ProArc has long been part of the Westermans’ offer, the new distributorship agreement means a greater choice will be available – we will also now hold smaller ProArc units in stock while providing rapid access to machinery that fulfils larger installation needs. In all cases, Westermans’ proven support capability, from the ability to tailor installations to meet exact needs, to the supply of spare parts, is fully available to support the range.

We stock a broad range of ProArc products – from CNC plasma and gas cutting systems, longitudinal seam welding machines and bench-type lathe welding designs to welding positioners and pipe rotators, a number of units will be set-up for viewing and demonstration at our Leicester premises.

While the greater availability of ProArc equipment will be of relevance across manufacturing and engineering, there are a number of key markets where the development will be of particular note. These include automotive exhaust, vacuum component and cryogenic vessel manufacturing as well as water tank, aircraft component, flexible metal hose and sheet metal fabrication.

With more than 50 years’ experience to call on and with successful installations in over 60 countries, the name of ProArc is both well-established and highly respected – not least because of an ongoing commitment to research and development. We have been delighted to have had an excellent working relationship with the company for a significant part of its history, and now look forward to working more closely to achieve even greater success in a broad range of installations particularly in the UK and Irish markets.

Hunter Tseng, ProArc’s Regional Sales Manager, endorses these points. “ProArc has built a good reputation in the European market with the cooperation of Westermans who are always our best partner in the UK, with the company’s professionalism and excellent service important factors in building customer confidence,” he says. “Westermans has built a powerful sales network and operates a good on and offline sales system that we find very impressive.
“Now ProArc and Westermans are moving further together with the company becoming the exclusive distributor for the ProArc brand name for CNC cutting machines and welding equipment in the UK and Ireland. It is both an important milestone for Westermans and an historic moment for ProArc as it expands its business in the European market,” he continues.
“I am convinced that through open conversation and by sharing the same philosophy and goals, we can create a new page for our cooperation and we are looking forward to working with Westermans to expand more business together,” he concl

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Stud Welding in Milliseconds

Stud welding is one of the more popular welding methods based on its speed, accuracy, reliability, and visually appealing aesthetics.

This article covers the three different processes of Stud Welding, the benefits of each, and the tools and equipment involved in the process.

Stud welding only requires worker access to one side of the joint, making the job a simple one-person task.

What is Stud Welding?

Stud welding is a single-side fastening method that joins a metal part to another metal component, usually a metal sheet known as the parent material. Parts are fused together using a strong arc of electricity created by a positive electric current. The arc generates enough heat for both metals to reach their melting points. Once a molten pool forms, the part and parent material are pressed together to form a secure joining and become one.

Stud welding is popular partly because of how quickly it can be carried out. With the right equipment, workers can turn out a stud weld in milliseconds. The speed, however, does not affect the strength and reliability of resulting joints. They are actually stronger than the parent material itself once formed and will last a lifetime.

Here are some of stud welding’s benefits:

Appearance. Stud welding is favored for the largely “invisible” effect it creates due to the fastening process only being carried out on one side of the parent material. It leaves minimal marks on the reverse side. Therefore, it is the recommended welding method if the goals are fastening that is easy on the eye but still highly secure.

Adaptable. Stud welding can be used with a variety of metals and stud sizes. Stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, copper, and brass can be effectively stud welded if the proper equipment is used. The studs can be threaded, unthreaded, or internally threaded, and range in diameter from 1 to 25 mm, if you have the correct attachments and equipment to go with them.

Accessible. With stud welding, workers do not have to contort themselves to make an effective weld. They only need access to a single side. And there is also equipment to make maneuvering even easier. For example, thinner welding tools let welders work in hard-to-reach areas.

No holes. No holes are made in the metal sheet when the stud is fused to it, so there is no need to clean or finish the metal sheet after the process. The risk of there being any leaking or weakening of the sheet is therefore eliminated. No leaking also prevents the weld from corroding, so it remains clean and durable.

Speed. Stud welding is an extremely quick fastening technique. To use stud welding on a large scale, users can speed up the process by investing in heavier-duty equipment. There are stud welding machines, for example, that can create up to eight stud welds per minute. The process can also be completely or partially automated to create up to 60 stud welds per minute.

Automation can be applied to the entire process or just portions of it. You may require the whole process be automated or only a certain stage depending on requirements for accuracy, speed, and appearance. Companies can produce similar results using smaller-scale equipment and hand tools, so don’t be put off by assuming you need a significant budget.

To increase throughput, plants can invest in automated stud welders that make up to 60 welds per minute.

Types of Stud Welding

Quality Taylor Stud welding equipment

There are three major types of stud welding which are equally as effective. Deciding which to use depends on weld requirements and materials.

Capacitor Discharge (CD) welding is a common stud welding processes recommended for instances where weld joints must be practically flawless and reverse marking needs to be kept to an absolute minimum for appearance’s sake. It is highly effective on clean and flat parent materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Drawn Arc (DA) welding is far more versatile and adaptable in terms of the materials and diameters that can be welded. For example, if you are working with a thicker parent material (> 2 mm) and it is rusted or coated, DA is the stud welding method that works effectively and accurately with thicker or less-pristine metals. Similarly, if requirements involve a stud weld of a larger diameter, this is most likely the one that should be used.

Short cycle welding (SC) is practically the same as DA but even faster. Studs can be welded to a parent material in 10 to 100 milliseconds. SC welding uses a combination of the CD and DA processes, so it can be used with thicker and more imperfect materials than CD, but not as thick materials and studs as DA can tolerate. SC welding may be suitable for those with smaller budgets, as the equipment and tools are less expensive than those used for DA


Check out our site of Stud Welders for Sale or Hire

Stud welding as a metalwork technique is suitable across a range of different industries and for a variety of different tasks. Outlining some of these uses will highlight stud welding’s versatility and effectiveness.

Bridges. Stud welds are used to fuse expansion joints between bridges and roads based on their reliability and operational life. They help ensure the bridge does not buckle due to changes in weather or temperature.

Nameplates. Those official-looking brass plaques used on and inside buildings to state the company or individual with offices inside are often fastened to the walls using stud welds. They are used because the weld and fasteners are not visible from the front (single-side fasteners), resulting in a clean and professional appearance.

Catering. Stud welding is commonly used in catering and food-preparation settings because it does not require holes be made in the parent material, so leaks are virtually eliminated. It also makes for a clean weld and easily cleaned surfaces.

Vehicles. Stud welds are used to assemble many vehicles—everything from planes to trains to automobiles. Again, it is a single-side fastener and strong, so the joint is extremely secure and practically invisible to the eye.

Stud welding clearly has a range of benefits and functions. However, it is important to use high-quality equipment from a reputable manufacturer like Taylor Studwelding, Nelson, Soyer, Studfast and Koco to ensure stud welding is efficient and the results are reliable.

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We did it for LOROS

Not only did we raise over £1285 for our local Hospice but we had a brilliant time completing the Twilight 2019 10k charity walk as a team.

The Westerman girls at the start enjoying the atmosphere and entertainment at the King Power Stadium, home of Leicester City Football Club

Under the Sea theme
Entertainment, prosecco, music and a wonderful community spirit in aid of LOROS
Some amazing, creative costumes from scuba divers to squids, crabs to yellow submarines and of course loads of pretty mermaids.
A welcome drink at the finish. Love the medals.
Remembering those we’ve loved and lost.
LOROS helps so many Leicestershire families cope with terminal illnesses.

Thank you to all our Sponsors

We really appreciate the support from customers, suppliers, colleagues and friends who donated. Our team are 3rd on the LOROS fund raising leader board.

Here’s the link as Donations are still welcome – however small

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Walking for LOROS

LOROS Under the Sea fundraising Twilight Walk

Saturday night 6th April 2019 the girls at Westermans International Ltd are walking 10k in aid of LOROS a Leicestershire Hospice

Thanks to the generous donations from customers, suppliers, colleagues and friends they have already helped us to raise over £1150

Team members: Claire, Judy, Jess, Bev, Kirsty, Haidee

Keep an eye out for further photo updates as this years theme is Under the Sea, so expect to see 2,000 ladies dressed up as sharks, carrying crabs and fishing nets. We know there will be lots of pretty mermaids walking the streets of Leicester!

Twilight Walk 2019 is run by LOROS, the Leicestershire and Rutland Hospice

The annual LOROS Twilight Walk brings over 2,000 Leicester ladies together for a 10k walk around the city centre. Starting from the LCFC’s King Power Stadium

LOROS Hospice is a local charity and every year they care for over 2,500 people across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. They provide free, high-quality, compassionate care and support to terminally ill adult patients, their family and carers. How your donation could help: £5 could pay for meals for a patient for a day. £10 could pay for collection of a patient from home to our day therapy. £25 could pay for a protective uniform for a nurse.

Please support us. You can donate easily at our JustGiving page

A real sense of community and great fun. Read about the night here

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Flame Cutting v Plasma Cutting

While Plasma Cutting has become more prevalent in recent times due to its precision and cut quality, traditional Gas Cutting still has a place for various applications.

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Safety Alert on Welding Fumes

Finally this week the HSE issues safety alert on welding fumes for SME owners or Welders.

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Developing people. Delivering performance.

We are delighted to work again with MGTS, an employer-led and membership-based, National Centre of Excellence for Education, Training, Development and Assessment, supporting both young people and adults in the development of competences associated with engineering.

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