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Looking for affordable resistance and seam welding equipment? Pre-used British Federal resistance spot welders for sale. BF equipment offers a perfect welding choice for the Aircraft welding and fabrication industry.

Want to learn more about the Spot welding process? Read our Tutors Guide to Spot welding on our Blog.

For over 65 years British Federal, an International Company has specialising in resistance welding technology.

This experience in welding and engineering has made it a trusted brand around the World.

A comprehensive range of standard machines for spot welding, seam welding, projection, butt and flash butt welding has been developed and built to suit the diverse productions needs in engineering.

British Federal design and manufacture various types of machines including Aircraft specification machines for spot and seam welding along with a range of standard machines including spot, projection, seam and butt welding machines ranging from 7.5 KVA to 600KVA

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Westermans buy the widest range of used medium to heavy duty industrial welding and fabrication equipment from around the world.

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