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Refurbished Diesel Welder Generators With Warranty Available Now

If you are on site and welding away from a power supply, browse our range of Diesel Welder Generators and that will provide the Power Source for various welding applications.

We have both new and fully-serviced refurbished machines for sale, and with over fifty years in the industry, you can buy with peace of mind from Westermans.  Always in stock are the leading brands of heavy duty Diesel welders from Miller and Lincoln Electric.  

Sometimes it’s necessary to perform welding work away from a power source. Welding equipment requires power in order to make it work, so it’ll often be plugged into a power source of some type.

But when this power source isn’t as accessible as usual, such as when welding work is being carried out outside away from a mains electrical source, a diesel generator can provide the needed power.

When would a diesel welder generator be needed?

A diesel generator could be used when work is being carried out away from a normal power source. Welding being performed outside and away from any buildings would require an additional source of power which is something that diesel welders can provide.

It's an easier method than running a long cable from a mains power source, and it allows for the ability to carry out welding where it normally wouldn’t be possible.

Generators are the most widely used form of portable power in the construction industry. Small units may have an output of less than 1kW and be light and portable enough to lift into the boot of a car while the big skid mounted machines can produce up to 2,500kW - enough power to illuminate a sizable construction site. In days past a generator was just a generator but today it can also come in many other guises: welder generator, lighting tower with power outlets and even fitted into a compressor to supply dual power sources.

Most generators are now ‘Super Silenced’ meaning they are extremely quiet and can run overnight without annoying local residence adjacent to a worksite.

Brands of Diesel Welding Generators include Miller, Lincoln, Genset, Mosa, ArcGen, FG Wilson

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