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If you are site welding and away from a power supply, chances are you will need a diesel welding generator. 

We have new, used & serviced and refurbished diesel welders for sale. Plus, with over fifty years in the industry, you can buy with peace of mind from Westermans. Get an industrial diesel welder from leading brands like Miller and Lincoln.

All machines are available for Worldwide delivery, browse our diesel welders for sale today!

When is a diesel welding generator needed?

Sometimes it’s necessary to perform welding work away from a power source. On site welding jobs, including applications like pipeline welding, still need power. This is when a diesel welder generator offers the ideal solution.

It's an easier method than running a long cable from a mains power source. It also allows the ability to carry out welding where it wouldn’t normally be possible.

A used diesel welder offers unbeatable value for a welding rig or welding truck. And are great pipeline welding machines.

What is a diesel welder machine?

Generators are the most used form of portable power in the construction industry.
Small units may have an output of less than 1kW, being light and portable enough to lift into the boot of a car. While the big skid mounted machines can produce up to 2,500kW.
That's enough power to illuminate a sizable construction site!

In days past, a generator was just a generator. However today, they can also come in many other guises, including welder generators. An ideal combination of generator power and welding functions, enables welding in the most demanding of schedules and environments.

Most generators are now ‘Super Silenced’. Quiet to run, they can be used overnight without annoying locals next to the site. These include the popular Lincoln diesel welders and Miller diesel welders.

Manufacturers of diesel welders.

Reputable brands of diesel welders include Miller, Lincoln, Genset, Mosa, ArcGen, FG Wilson.
Recommended engine manufacturers include Caterpillar, Perkins, Honda, Ruggerini, Lombardini, Kubota, and Cummins.

Diesel welder processes.

Welding and fabrication processes you can use a diesel welding machine for are:

If your machine also has the correct auxiliary output, you can use a selection of power tools too.

Do you need a diesel welding generator?

Diesel engine driven welders are designed especially for contractors, maintenance and repair applications. Made for field-based welding professionals, that demand the best welding arc in demanding environments.

Pipeline welding is a huge sector using these units. They are also great for offshore welding and on-site fabrication. When not in use for welding, use diesel welder machines as a stand-alone generator for power.

It is common to save fuel and servicing costs to parallel up diesel welders. This ensures that only the required power is generated depending on the demand. Did you know you can do that with other welding machines too? 

Our recommendations.

When you need it all, consider the rugged Lincoln Vantage 500. A diesel welder for railroad, mining, heavy duty construction, and rental fleet use.

It's powerful 500 amps at 100% duty cycle is enough for almost any stick, TIG, MIG or flux-cored welding project. With precision arc starting provided by Chopper Technology, and Touch-Start™ DC TIG, it will make any operator a better welder

Don’t pay extra for plenty of AC generator power either! Get up to 20,000 watts of 3-phase and 12,000 watts of 1-phase is standard. 

Stainless steel roof and side panels provide added durability and corrosion-resistance. The reliable Perkins water-cooled diesel engine will keep you running and working.

We also supply the New Miller Big Blue 400 X Pro with Arc Reach diesel welder generator. It offers cordless operation with the Arc Reach wire feeder. Click here for details.


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