New PEI Resistance Welding Equipment - Seam and Spot welders

PEI Point SRL an Italian company who has excelled in making resistance seam welding machines and associated equipment  

We are delighted in joining forces with PEI in 2024 to become their UK and Irish Agent, Stockist and Distributor of high quality, high technology resistance welding machines and equipment.

Taking over the Agency from Sureweld UK, we will continue to provide the support and service their clients have experienced for many years. 

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PEI-Point SRL – High Standards And Reliability

PEI-Point SRL is a renowned Italian manufacturer with a long history of 30 years in the international welding equipment market. We’ve supplied their equipment for a long time and have seen first-hand the value their machines bring to small and large shops and manufacturers.

Left Craig Westerman Right Silvano Marzaro at PEI headquarters

PEI is a proven, reliable brand with high standards and strong company values, like sourcing most of their resources locally. The PEI agency was an easy decision for us to take on board. We understand their machines, share the same values, and believe in their ability to deliver exceptional quality spot, seam, and projection welders.

The range of machines PEI make will supply the automotive, appliance, aerospace, and manufacturing industries in the UK and Ireland. Every resistance welding machine delivered to a small shop or a large production facility improves productivity, makes the job easier, and helps businesses meet goals and serve their local or global clients and communities.

Learn more about this company and the types of resistance welding equipment they make in our Blog Announcement

Spot welding, projection welding, seam welding are all equipment types that are used to make products that are all around you.  Ranging from the car you drive, appliances in your kitchen, furniture in your home or office, hospitals, warehouses transportation and even shipbuilding.

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