PEI PF136/181 MFDC Spot Welder

PEI PF136/181 MFDC Spot Welder

Product: 13510

Brand: Pei

Model: PF Inverter

Condition: New

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  • Chiller to cool both machines we suggest 8.1kW cooling capacity
  • Medium Frequency DC (MFDC) power sources offer a major advance in performance with much lower primary current demands
  • Linear action machines suitable for spot and projection welding, cross wire work with bar holders etc.
  • Ideal for weld nuts up to M10 Rigid top arm with cylinder acting directly on top platen / electrode holder ensuring linear movement and fast response. Will run from a 32 or 63 amps supply.
  • Lower arm adjustable for height and can be fitted with platen.
  • Main transformer, arms and electrode holders are fully water cooled
  • All machines can be fitted with an adjustable High-Lift cylinder with manual or electric valve operation - useful for access over flanges etc. and for electrode replacement.
  • Optional Concomitant hand push buttons (for safety) PF136 inverter PF181 inverter POWER
  • Useful depth 430mm - Lower steel frame arm - Electrode holders Ø 25mm
  • Electrodes force 525 daN @ 6 bar (only with useful depth 430mm)
  • Electric foot switch
  • Safety two hands device to start the welding cycle
  • Options:
  • Adjustable double stroke cylinder  80mm, Low force approach system for single stroke cylinder
  • Useful depth 530mm (with arm holder and arm  60mm),Useful depth 630mm (with arm holder and arm  60mm),Useful depth 730mm (with arm holder and arm  60mm,Useful depth 830mm (with arm holder and arm  60mm)
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