Pre-Used Plasma Arc welding equipment

Not to be confused with plasma cutting, this process of plasma arc welding can offer great speeds that GTAW welding but at a much lower expense of Laser beam welding.  PAW is an advanced form of TIG welding but instaed of being an open arc shielded by argon or helium, plasma arc welding uses a special torch where the nozzle is used to constrict the arc. Often referred to as keyhole or microplasma welding.

Westermans International can help you with bespoke manual or semi automated welding equipment set up for Plasma Arc welding.  The most common automation for PAW is fitted to a longitudinal seam welder.  We have supplied many units into the aerospace and marine industries where PAW is used to join stainless tubes, pipes and vessels.  Learn more about Plasma Arc Welding in our Resources section of our website

Plasma arc welding can be performed in manual, mechanised, or robotic operations. However, if you are going to invest in a PAW system for manual plasma arc welding you will need the following equipment:

A Power Source
A Welding Torch
A Plasma Control Console,
Gases (Orifice and Shielding gas)
Torch coolant
Other accessories such as remote control for current, gas flow timers and an on-off switch



Power Source: The power source used for plasma arc welding is similar to that used for TIG welding (GTAW). Both GTAW as well as PAW processes use constant-current power sources and a high-frequency source for arc starting.

Welding Torch: A Plasma Arc Welding (PAW) torch has the following features:

It holds the electrode and allows current to pass throughe electrode
Inner nozzle for the supply of orifice gas or plasma gas
Outer nozzle for the supply of shielding gas

Plasma Control Console: The crucial control systems of plasma arc welding are encompassed in a plasma console also known as plasma control console or console. The console is generally integrated with the primary power source, but it can also be available as a separate stand-alone unit. A typical plasma control console includes controls for the following;

Plasma gas flow
shielding gas flow
the pilot arc current

A plasma welder can be added to any of the new or used welding systems we supply such as a seam welder, lathe welder or automated positioner 

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