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Column and boom welding manipulators play a key role in welding automation. They're designed to carry the welding head in sub arc and MIG welding applications. Used alongside the use of a welding positioner or rotators to hold the workpiece.

Find a range of used and refurbished welding column and booms for sale. All guaranteed and available for shipping Worldwide.

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What is a welding manipulator?

They are a "column" of metal going vertically, and a "boom" that runs along the column horizontality. The boom can move up and down the column and has a form of welding equipment at one end and a counterweight at the other.
Column and boom welding manipulators allow for easy access to the workpiece. Reaching the top of large components is difficult and hazardous work. If that workpiece is a large pipe, the welding work is harder because of the curvature of the pipe or vessel.

A column and boom welder removes that difficulty. Able to move vertically and horizontality across the metal. Thus enabling an easier, more productive process.

In Europe, they are also known as a pedestal welder or crane welder.

Column and Boom Welder Manufacturers.

Leading manufacturers of column and booms include Lincoln, ESAB, PEMA and Bode. Other brands include Jetline, Koike Aronson, Ransome and Pandjiris.
We supply used column and boom manipulators Worldwide with warranty included.
We also buy and sell accessories and ancillary equipment associated with welding columns. Including welding rotators and submerged arc welding equipment.

Call us to discuss your requirements if you are looking for a bespoke system.

See how we helped Responsive Engineering improve production with a subarc welding manipulator.

Using a Pipe Welding Manipulator.

One of the most common uses for a welding column is for pipe welding applications. 
When used with pipe turning rolls, a column and boom provides a continuous weld. This is ideal for production of steel tubulars.
Using column and boom submerged arc welding, tanks and vessels are fabricated quickly and efficiently.

Column and Boom Manipulator Applications.

Considering the purpose of a column and boom, suitable applications include:

  • Process towers
  • Chemicals reactors
  • Silos
  • Storage tanks
  • Heat exchangers
  • Pressure vessels
  • Boilers
  • Pipelines
  • Industrial ovens
  • Structural steel fabrication
  • Columns,
  • Process and biodiesel plants

Welding Column and Boom Industries.

Used for welding industrial, circumferential components, welding manipulators benefit applications including:

  • pipeline processing plants
  • ship building
  • offshore wind turbine fabrication
  • tank fabrication

Things to consider when buying a column and boom welding machine.

First thing is how much weight will you need to support on the end of the boom? Also, how much height or lift will you need to position the weld head over the part you plan on welding. 
You need to consider the reach you will need for the welding equipment to meet the welding location.
A 10' vessel rotating beneath the column and boom will need to be at least 12' in height. This ensures you have enough room for the weld head and welding torch.
Other equipment is often needed on the boom, such as a seam tracker and sub arc flux recovery hopper.

You will need to consider all equipment weight to ensure you have a rigid arm holding the equipment. Thus alleviating movement and bouncing while welding.

Column and boom welding equipment.

Welding columns come in all sizes, from as small as a 2'X2' all the way up to 30'X30' and even larger.
Some of them have motorised reach, some manual by hand crank. Most units are power elevated by remote, but a few are counter balanced hand crank design.
Manual welding manipulators are often the smaller size units. Usually, just a torch or welding feeder is mounted on the end of the boom gantry arm.
The weight mounted on the end of the boom arm can be as little as 100 lbs. The largest being up to and over 2000 lbs with the boom arm extended.

Whether you're looking for a subarc welding manipulator, or a MIG welding manipulator, we can provide a solution.
If you need information on how to use a welding column and boom, call for more information.
We have friendly, knowledgeable technicians to advise you on the best solution for application.

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