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Automated and precision welding lathes for circumferential welding applications.

A Lathe welder handles a wide variety of rotary welding needs and is often called a circumferential welder.

Used welding lathe machines from leading brands including Jetline, Weldlogic and Polysoude.
Plus a range of new, modular welding lathes from ProArc for sale to meet your circumferential welding requirements.

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What is a welding lathe?

A lathe is a machine for joining wood, metals or other material by means of a rotating drive. This then turns the workpiece against changeable tools.
This same process applies to a welding lathe.
The weldment is fitted to the head and tail stock in the horizontal position. A circumferential weld is then performed by the welding torch as the workpiece rotates.
Usually, you place your metal work piece onto the chuck which attaches to the spindle. The chuck holds your work piece in place, as it spins.

Utilising single or multiple torches, these versatile machines handle small to medium-sized cylindrical parts.
They are ideal for smaller diameter parts such as axles and drive shafts. Torches can be adjustable and can weld in a fixed position or driven by a servo actuator for accurate welds. 

Lathe welding applications.

In a production environment, using an automated welding lathe achieves repeatable results.
A consistent welding speed and minimal run out enables an easy and efficient process.
However, as Lathes only have 1 axis of rotation, the workpiece needs to be mainly symmetrical.

Imagine you have 100 cylindrical stainless steel parts that need consistent welds.
If manually welding, you would have to turn a quarter each time. This produces inconsistency and welder fatigue.
With a circumferential welder, firstly fix the part between the two jig fixes.
Then set up the welding with a torch in a fixed position, the lathe then rotates the part.
The torch then arcs, and the operator places the electrode ready for the join.

Welding lathe benefits.

An automatic welding lathe can improve weld quality, increase weld output and lower labour costs.
This is achieved via consistent weld parameters and increased productivity. Whilst avoiding welder fatigue when circumferential seam welding.

A tube welding lathe or orbital welding lathe offers quick, repeatable results for automated circumferential welding.

Lathe welding equipment.

A used lathe welder can offer great value for money, whether you are looking for a TIG welding lathe or plasma welding lathe.
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Easily rotary weld production parts with a new or used circumferential welding lathe from Westermans.

Watch with light hearted video with a good explanation of a welding lathe.

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