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A Lathe welder is designed to handle a wide variety of rotary welding applications and often called a circumferential welder.

Utilising single or multiple torches, these versatile machines can handle small to medium sized cylindrical parts, as well as smaller diameter parts such as axles and drive shafts. Torches can be fully adjustable and can weld in a fixed position or can be driven by a servo actuator for accurate welds. 

With the new ProArc range of lathe welders in various modular configurations for sale from stock you could be lathe welding in next to no time. 

A lathe is defined as a machine for joining wood, metals or other material by means of a rotating drive which turns the piece being worked on against changeable tools.

Normally classed as machine tool a lathe is a tool that rotates a workpiece about an axis of rotation to perform various operations such as cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling, deformation, facing, and turning, with tools that are applied to the workpiece to create an object with symmetry about that axis.

The same goes for a welding lathe, the weldment would be fitted to the head and tail stock in the horizontal position and a circumeferential weld could be achieved by a skilled welder. 

In a manufacturing production environment using this kind of semi automatic tooling you are able to achieve highly repeatable weld results with extremely consistent welding speed and minimal run out however as Lathes only have 1 axis of rotation, if the part your working on isn’t largely symmetrical along that axis, you’re probably looking at buying the wrong machine.

Usually you place your metal work piece onto the chuck which is attached to the spindle. The chuck holds your work piece in place, as it spins.

So imagine you have 100 cylindrical stainless steel parts that need the same consistent welds that, if manually welding you would have to turn a quarter each time. So you fix the part between the two jig fixes, set up the welding with a torch in a fixed position, the lathe rotates the part, the torch arcs and the welder places the electrode ready for the join.

Designed to handle a wide variety of rotary welding applications with single or multiple welding  torches they can handle small to medium sized cylindrical parts, as well as smaller diameter parts such as axles and drive shafts. 

A Lathe welding machine can improve weld quality, increase weld output and lower labour costs. With a choice of new or used MIG or TIG welding equipment these they are one of the most versatile ways to rotatry weld production parts.

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